baby girl: Peyton 2 weeks old

Peyton newborn baby girl pink

Our first newborn baby girl of 2015 came in to my home studio back in February. Little miss Peyton was just the sweetest little thing. I had the honor and privilege of photographing her big sister as a newborn as well. For a look back at big sis go here. Miss Peyton was just the perfect baby model. Which was lucky for us since her big sister is just under two years old. She slept right through the images with big sister and family portraits as well.  The knit firefighter outfit was just the perfect addition to her session, unbelievably cute if you ask me 😉 I won’t lie I wanted to keep her for just a little longer. Dressing up and snuggling with a sweet new baby girl, swoon. Just look at those tiny little baby lips, her cute little nose and those sweet cheeks. Man, I have the best job. Isn’t she just a doll baby?



Oliver 7 days fresh

Oliver 7 days fresh

Baby Oliver 7 days fresh here and I was not really ready for a whole newborn session on my own. However I could not let my sweet baby boy get any bigger before capturing those tiny little details. Those perfect little fingers and tiny little toes. And look at all that dark hair I love it. Lets hope it doesn’t all fall out. Don’t you just love those squishy little kissable lips? Swoon. I am so in love with this little guy I cannot stand myself. I spend most of our day holding and loving on this little fellow. We are grateful for his safe and healthy arrival. I appreciate all the warm wishes and understanding after we had to close during my pregnancy. It was worth everyday I spend in bed. Isn’t he just perfect? More baby Oliver newborn portraits will be coming soon. Enjoy the details for now.


Oliver 7 days fresh newborn baby boy sepia collage

Baby Dominic 4 days new

Baby Max 4 days new color blue boy

Baby Dominic 4 days new

Baby Dominic I was super excited when I first heard your mom was expecting. Having a friend expecting at the same time as you is great because you have someone to share all the good things and also some of the not so fun stuff with too. Already being in love with big brother Vince, I knew little Dominic would be just as much fun. I did not realize until meeting him that he would be the spitting image of his big brother. These two are obviously brothers. Having two very handsome little guys in my home studio was a dream.

Baby Dominic was the perfect newborn baby model as you can see below. He slept almost the whole portrait session. Such a sweet and handsome little one. I cannot wait to see him again. Congratulations again Emily and Matt you have a beautiful baby boy.



Liam 10 days new a beautiful baby boy

Liam 10 days new newborn beautiful baby boy baby boy black and white model call

Liam 10 days new

Oh baby Liam I was waiting for you to arrive with baited breath. I had a feeling you would be a beautiful baby boy and I was so right. This little one was a dream to work with. Thank you to his parents for working with my schedule and bringing him out to our little home studio.

It was obvious to me that little Liam will be loved and cherished by his family. And anyone who sees these family images can see it too. Congratulations to his mom and dad. He is such a beautiful baby boy. I cannot wait to see him grow over this next year.


Look who’s One year old!

One year old! baby girl

Look who’s one year old! I know it was a little while ago that she turned one. Sorry miss E this photographer has been busy playing mommy. However late I still feel like she deserves a blog post for such a fun cake smash birthday session. Miss E is such a beautiful baby and that playful smile gets me every time. Can you even believe her blue eyes are real? I promise no eye color enhancements or even extra blue were added here, this is au natural. I have really enjoyed watching her grow over the last year, best part of my job. Seeing those little personalities develop is just amazing.

Miss E always looks portrait ready. Her mom does a wonderful job with styling. That dress is perfect and those tiny little shoes are just adorable. Mom even made her beautiful cake. What more could a One year old ask for? Thanks again to mom for bringing her out to my home studio. I can’t wait to see how this wall collage looks hanging in her room! Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl.

For a look back here is her newborn session


Newborn Baby Girl Sawyer

Newborn Baby Girl

Newborn Baby Girl

Baby Sawyer gave her mommy quite the time with her pregnancy. But man was she worth the wait and all the scares. She is just perfect and apparently just likes to make a dramatic entrance. Maybe she will be famous on the stage one day in the far off future. She was the perfect little model for our newborn baby portrait session. I of course got in my snuggle time. Thank you to my dear friends for allowing me to take over your home for a portrait session of your beautiful baby girl.

Also a special thank you to Tammy Bowden for providing all the handmade hats and accessories. You do beautiful work and I cannot wait to see more. They really made her images special.


Before and After: Charlotte NC Maternity Portrait Photographer

maternity portrait session fine art black & white

Before : a maternity portrait session

Miss A called me just before her son was due to arrive. She said “I just came across this Before and After image of a pregnant mom and then the same mom with her baby. She of course included an image example. Any chance we can do this before he arrives?” having already photographed miss A’s maternity session very early in her pregnancy I said of course I can. So without further ado here are some of her Before images from this second maternity portrait session.

There will be more to come from this family in the next week or so. Miss A delivered a beautiful baby boy the following day. I cannot wait to meet him and of course take his first professional baby portraits. I just loved this idea for a before and after composite and the final product should be just as beautiful as these before portraits did.

Please don’t wait until 40 weeks

Just a word of caution while we are on the topic of maternity portraits. Please don’t wait until the last minute to contact your maternity portrait photographer. You could miss your chance just like I did with my first pregnancy.  It’s best to contact your maternity photographer during your second trimester. Maternity portraits are best created between 28-32 weeks

Also if you have ideas about your final images please don’t hesitate to share your ideas. As an artist I love to be inspired and to know what you love too. stay tuned.


Siblings are the best friends | Charlotte Kid Portraits


Oh my I love these three siblings so much. Little Z was not happy about us trying to get him to sit still at all. I think his mom was ready to pull out the duck tape or throw in the towel. I’m not sure which. Being that he’s only 18 months old I was not surprised. But we got a few good images of him hamming it up. Miss E is always the model in training. I still think that child will be famous one day but today she could easily be a kids clothing model. And big K-man he is always so nervous. He just want to be good at everything and please everyone. You can see it in the outtakes he is really thinking about smiling.  But just as soon as I get him distracted his beautiful smile is just killer. I could just eat him up with a spoon.

These siblings make being their Auntie a pure joy and I can’t wait to spend time with them again. Thanks again Carrie for being a great mommy and photography assistant. Siblings are the best friends you never had to ask for. 


Charlotte Newborn Photographer | Mother and New Baby

Charlotte NC Mother and New Babysweet hug love the black and white mommy and me portraits

This mother and new baby portrait session from last week was magical. I blogged and sent out Facebook messages looking for a few newborn models. On a whim while setting up an appointment for Kari’s sweet little man K, I asked if she would be willing to model for me as well. I am so glad she agreed. She is just going to love these images of the two of them. Don’t you think?

Thank you Kari for bringing sweet baby K to be photographed and thank you so much for also modeling for me! I just love to photograph new moms with their sweet babies. I do not know why so many moms hesitate. Actually that’s a lie I know exactly what holds us back and moms.  But I’m here to tell you all those reasons in your head feel true. things like I’m carrying extra baby weight, or my hair isn’t perfect, or my skin is a mess from pregnancy. All of that might be true but you know what else is true?  You just cannot get this time in your baby’s life back.

No one ever says I wish I had not had mother and new baby portraits made.

Never! But I do often hear I wish I had photos when Sam was a newborn, I wish I had gotten in more photos with my kids. Or even worse I just wish I had one photograph of my mom when I was a baby. This one is almost always from adults. So let’s change this and not let your child grow up and think this.

If you love these images and know any moms-to-be send them my way. I am always looking for momma’s to be and new moms and I am always happy to photograph mother and child images during a newborn session too! Contact me here today!



Have an older baby? Check out this amazing Mommy and Me portrait session from my friend Vanessa Keo for inspiration

Newborn Safety Is My #1| Charlotte Baby Photographer

I want to do something a little different tonight. Let’s talk a little about newborn safety when it comes to babies and/or children and your photographer. I don’t know how many times parents have asked me to put their child or baby in danger to get the perfect shot (according to a parent). In my humble opinion it is just a bad idea to put your child in danger for a photograph. You should never put a baby up on something high off the ground. Or let a baby just learning to stand, hold on the something and let go of said baby just for a picture. They will inevitable fall and get hurt.

When you come to me for a portrait session you are joining the Insley Photography family and as family I want to keep you and yours safe always. I insist on safety in my studio when it comes to my clients. 

Today I want to share a before and after sequence from a recent newborn photo session. This is Baby Olivia, the color images are straight out of the camera used to make the final edited image. This is the only safe way to get the desired results of a sweet newborn holding up her head. Newborn safety has to be my number one priority.

Still have questions about a pose you’ve seen on the internet, or even in person?  Just ask. I am happy to let you in on the secret of howwe can make it safely.

Got more questions? Here is a great article from the Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International  apnpi website  all about newborn safety