Oliver 8 days new Fort Mill baby photographer

Oliver 8 days new

Oliver 8 days new old newborn baby boy

Oh my sweet little Oliver. What a huge blessing you have been to our family. Everyday I watch you grow and change. Occasionally I look bad at these images from when you were first born and remember exactly how happy we all were for your arrival. True to your independent nature you came in your own time and on your own day. Looking back your newborn portraits on the wall I miss being able to rock you to sleep and hold you all day. I am so thankful that I created these images of you and have them to remember just how small you were. Remembering those perfect tiny rosy lips and your porcelain pale skin with rosy tones (just like your brother) melts my heart all over again. All moms occasionally wish for one more day with their child as a newborn. But life doesn’t work that way. This stage in a child’s life is so short and so special, but time marches on. I am eternally grateful to be your momma.

I love my job as a baby photographer

As a photographer I am so thankful I can capture all the moments in my boy’s lives. I am truly humbled and honored to be able to capture moments like these for others. Allowing me into your family when your child is so new and precious is absolutely the best part of being a baby photographer. If you are expecting a little baby soon give us a call and lets chat about your precious miracle.