Newborn and Maternity photography, how does it work?

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Embracing the journey of pregnancy and postpartum is a beautiful experience, and while some aspects may be beyond our control, having a sense of understanding and empowerment can make all the difference. Knowing we can navigate these precious moments with grace and resilience as mothers and parents brings us joy and confidence. Together, we embrace the unpredictable and cherish the profound beauty of this transformative phase of life. Below are some of the most common questions asked about Insley Photography.


Do you offer Maternity, Family, and Older Baby Portrait Sessions?

Yes! Yes! and Yes! Maternity portrait recommendations are between 28-36 weeks. For families, it's time for a family portrait, get in touch, and we will work out a timeframe for them. Baby portraits can be taken at any time. Some moms prefer a baby plan where we can photograph the baby throughout the first year, and some want to capture specific milestones, such as sitting up and walking. Whatever your preference, get in touch early so we can plan. Can you tell I'm a planner?

Where do you create your portraits?
Do you have a studio?

Yes, all photography takes place in my Fort Mill, SC studio space just 10 minutes from Charlotte, NC, close to I-77. The weather here is too hot in the summer and cold in the winter for newborns outdoors. The studio offers a perfect temperature-controlled setting with everything provided that you could need or want.

Are you up to date on your vaccines?

Yes I am current on Whooping cough, Flu, and Covid vaccines. Your family's safety is my top priority.

How long will my photoshoot last?

Dads often ask, "How long is this going to take?" the truth is it's up to the baby and your family. Newborn shoots typically last about 2.5 hours; family portraits are usually accomplished in 20 minutes depending on the number of people. The most significant variable is patience. I won't rush your baby or toddler; it won't do any good and only causes stress. If the your baby comes on a growth spurt day, we will take lots of milk breaks. If your baby needs extra cuddles, we will stop for that too. Babies are instinctive at this age, and she has learned to follow their lead and create beautiful images of them. 

When should I book my Maternity shoot?

Book your maternity shoot by the second trimester of pregnancy. Why so early? Because the photoshoot needs to take place early in the third trimester whenever possible.

What should I wear?

Do you need help finding that dream outfit for your photoshoot? Loving what you wear is such an important factor in feeling your best. Before your session, we have a consultation  where you can select your favorite look from the client closet (for expecting & new moms). Do you want a one-on-one with a stylist? I can help connect you with a local stylist. 

When should I schedule my newborn shoot? I don't know when baby will arrive? What if baby is expected to arrive early?

Newborn portraits within the first 5-15 days after birth are typically best. 

I recommend scheduling in your second trimester as this assures you space on my calendar. Still, for babies who arrive earlier or later than expected due dates, I aim to shoot newborns within the first two weeks after birth. Your due date will serve as a placeholder on her calendar. Think of it as a date in pencil that we will finalize when the baby arrives. Babies grow and change very rapidly during the first few weeks, and we want to capture them when they are fresh and new before that stage is over. 

Last-minute bookings may be accommodated if space allows. Newborn photoshoots are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings.

What if I want photography but don't feel like myself so soon after birth?

Trust me. I get it. As a mom of two, I remember feeling swollen, carrying extra weight, and feeling like parts of my body weren't where they were last week. Pregnancy and delivery are a whole journey; your body doesn't feel normal right away. Two things to know: You just created life, and we need to honor that new person and be a part of the moment. Second, this is what I do! A little touch-up magic behind the scenes to ensure you love the portraits of you and your new baby.

Can I include family and siblings in our Newborn photoshoot?

Absolutely immediate family is welcome and encouraged in my studio. I have a special talent for creating magic images of siblings with newborns ???? But more importantly I believe every child wants to see a photograph of themself with their parents as a baby. Something about that time fascinates children. Looking at this photograph gives them a sense of grounding in the family as a unit while growing up. 

Do you have props, wraps and blankets for the baby?

Yes! I have a full service studio where all the props, wraps, blankets, hats and lovies are sanitized and ready for your newborn. Everything we use during your session will be cleaned before your arrival and after your baby's photoshoot. Again the safety of your baby is my top priority. 

What do I need to prepare for my newborn session?

This is the fun part of the planning and I will be there to help you every step of the way. The first thing to do is get in touch to let me know you are expecting and interested in my services. From there I will guide you through the process, we will make a plan together for your portraits, have a great session after baby arrives and I'll help with all the details. 

My baby arrived early. should I wait until they are bigger/more sturdy for the photos?

Please don't wait to let me know of your baby's arrival. Portraits like you see in my gallery are best created within the first two weeks of a baby's birth. Multiples and unexpected preterm babies are the exception but we still want to get them in very soon after leaving the hospital. Babies grow and change very rapidly during the first few weeks and we want to capture them when they are fresh and new before that stage is over. 

How long before I can see my images after our session?

Your portraits will be ready for the big reveal within two weeks of your photo session. Printed products take 2-8 weeks to arrive after your ordering appointment.

Where should my artwork go in my home?

This is one of the best parts of the Full-Service luxury photography experience. No need to worry, I've got you covered. I will show you digitally just how your artwork will look in your home. This helps you select the place that will suit your artwork best so it looks and feels fantastic in your home.

What makes insley different from other photography studios?

I am committed to crafting not just photographs, but timeless pieces of art that capture the essence of your unique motherhood journey. What truly sets me apart is our dedication to providing a personalized experience from start to finish. I don't just capture moments; I curate stories.

where are you located?

Directions, Parking, & Amenities

Insley Photography
105 Clebourne St
Fort Mill, SC, 29715

The studio is off Main Street in Fort Mill, SC, for your maternity and newborn portrait sessions. Downtown Fort Mill has shops and restaurants, including the Good Life Organic KitchenOlive's Mud Puddle, FM (Fortes Mill) Eatery, Hobo's, Poppyseed Kitchen, Z Bakery and Cafe  and The Improper Pig @ Fort Mill, most walkable from the studio. Many of my newborn clients like to grab lunch during the session at one of the local restaurants. Our maternity clients love to go out after their session with their beautiful makeup and hair done.

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When you arrive, you may park in an on-street parking space on Main Street or public parking lot.

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