Perinatal Wellness and Support Interview Charlotte, NC

Let me introduce you to Afton Jones, a perinatal wellness therapist from Charlotte, NC. Today, we are so lucky to have her here with us to discuss the important role that therapy and support can play in helping expectant and new mothers during this incredible journey. We’ll hear from Afton to gain insight on her professional and personal experiences. So get ready to be inspired, learn something new, and gain valuable insight! Thank you for joining us today. Below is my Interview with Perinatal Wellness and Support Services Afton Jones

My interview with Afton Jones of Perinatal Wellness & Support Services in Charlotte, NC

 Below is the transcript from our video interview:

We are meeting this morning with Afton and she’s gonna tell us a little bit about what she does and what her passion is in her business. Okay. So introduce yourself for me and Sure. Hello everyone. I’m Afton Jones. I am owner and therapist of Perinatal Wellness and Support Services, and I am a therapist.

What I do is I help women during pregnancy and after pregnancy to navigate, any changes or challenges that come with that, with the new role of motherhood and how did you come to work in this field? Uh, so I have been in the field of like mental health therapy for, let’s see, about 11 years now. Prior to working in the perinatal mental health field, I did more like generalist work, so I did a lot of group work and substance abuse treatment, just general mental health treatment. You know depression, anxiety mainly.

And then after I had my daughter, I realized how challenging, the role of motherhood can be. And it completely changed my outlook and shifted my, my passion to wanna help other women, help other moms, to be able to navigate and deal with some of the changes and challenges that happen once you become a mom.

expecting mom studio portrait from Insley Photography for this Charlotte NC mom

I just became really passionate about helping other women to be able to, have some support in that area. 

All right. And you are on the path to become a lactation consultant. How did that begin? 

Yes. I am on the path to become a lactation consultant! I’m currently taking classes and doing clinicals for that.

Breastfeeding is just something I fell in love with again, uh, experience. Funny story is I did not know that I was gonna breastfeed. I didn’t really have a plan to breastfeed. My mom breastfed and she was trying to encourage me. She’s like, you know, you should try it. I was kind of iffy about it.

Fast forward, I had my daughter in the hospital. They’re like, here you go. Do you wanna try to latch her? So I go, sure, and ended up loving it.  

The beginning was challenging and I think a lot of women can agree with that, that it’s not the rainfall rainbows and, you know, butterflies that  people make it out to be.

You know, you see these beautiful pictures of women who are breastfeeding and everybody says, oh, it’s so natural. And it is a natural thing, but natural doesn’t always mean easy. So over time just, you know, worked through some of those challenges and ended up loving it.  Breast fed my little girl for two and a half years.

All right. 

black and white newborn with mom portrait, Charlotte Newborn Photographer Interview with Perinatal Wellness and Support

I would love to help other women to be able to navigate breastfeeding and the things that come with it, normalize breastfeeding, and let women know there is support available. And encourage women to get the support so that they can stick with it. There’s so many great benefits of breastfeeding.

Both mom and for baby, and I want women, you know, if they’re able to, to be able to experience that. Absolutely I love it.

And, can you give some tips for new moms? What, what would be your top tips for new moms? 

My number one tip for new moms would be to take care of yourself!

A lot of times, you know, it’s, it’s portrayed as, mom kind of gets pushed to the back burner. Mm-hmm, but mom needs to take care of mom because that’s how you keep going to be able to take care of your little one, so I like to think of it is like mom being the core, and if mom is in a good place, Typically, everything else is easier to have in place.

So I would say, don’t forget about you take care of yourself so that you can keep taking care of the other things in life. , and then support. Support is huge and it is so important, whatever that may look like. And we have different people that support us in different ways. So that could be a therapist, that could be friends, that could be family.

Whatever support looks like for you, I say get back to that,

and then I also like to say, to continue to enjoy life. Enjoy who you are. Sometimes we forget that, you know, I’m still me. We take on all these roles, whatever they may be, friends, sister, wife, mom, but before all of that, it was you, you know, you were you.

And so it’s important to continue to grow and maintain that relationship with yourself. Then the last couple of things I would say enjoy time with your little one, we all have different ways of how we go about doing things and stick with what feels right to you. 

Yeah. I think the best advice I was given as a new mom was to follow my instincts 

Yes! And to follow that intuition. And I, I think it’s still true. 

beautiful black and white portrait of a new mother with her newborn baby girl, Fort MIll, SC

Absolutely for moms to be, anything they should do to prepare themselves for the journey that’s coming either mental health wise or lactation wise, anything they should do? 

There’s so many things you can do, I think. Doing your research is always great. Knowing what to expect, I feel like can be really helpful and make the world a difference in just having that education and awareness of what comes with pregnancy, what comes with delivery, what comes with the postpartum period. Just having some awareness and education around that is huge. There are perinatal mood and anxiety disorders that can present during pregnancy or after pregnancy, so I like to educate moms about those and what they look like and signs and symptoms to be aware of.  I also like to say be ready instead of having to get ready. So it’s a good idea to identify a therapist beforehand.

Be ready instead of having to get ready

If you don’t use a therapist, great. I think that all new moms can benefit from that support, right?  But I think it’s a good idea to already have that in place. Cuz when you’re a new mom, there’s so many things going on. You’re tired, and all the things. You forget things. So it’s good to have certain things in place.

Again, support family that, you know, can help come down, support you in whatever way that looks like. Family or friends, I would say those would be some of the main things. And then as far as with the lactation,  having an idea of where you can get lactation support. If you are a mom that plans to breastfeed, it’s a good idea, to know what resources are available. And also don’t be afraid to use that. Sometimes moms, we want to do everything ourselves and , which is great, but if there’s help out there, you can use it. 

Yeah, absolutely agree. I think, you know, with my experience, we talked about it before, my son came early, so I struggled a lot in the beginning and I think the key to our success was continuing to ask for help because I knew we needed that help. When he came five weeks early, they knew I needed the help, but continuing to ask and say, you know, how can we make this better? 

I like that you said, continue to ask for help

because.  Just, you know, if you look at years after you have a baby, it’s not just that first year that moms need support. It’s an ongoing support that you need. Not just when you, right after you have the baby, right? Continuing to ask for help. Continue to ask for support, and use that support because there’s gonna be different changes and challenges. Different stages of your child’s life. Every time you think you got it figured out, they’re gonna throw you a new curve ball.

Exactly! Something new comes and it knocks you off your feet. That’s right. 

causal maternity portrait session with the whole family Interview with Perinatal Wellness and Support

And what do you wish you had known about lactation before your daughter was born? Oh my goodness, I wish I had known that it wasn’t gonna be as easy as it is portrayed . That’s what I wish I had known. And also, It is okay to ask for help, because 

I had this idea that this is supposed to be easy and I shouldn’t know how to do this and what am I doing wrong?

But it took me a while to accept I need help. Mm-hmm.  and I got the help and things were much better, and I’m like, why didn’t I do this sooner? So yes, I think just knowing that. Yeah, it’s not easy. Ask for help and that there’s help out there and know that there is help out there. Yeah. So let’s talk about what local resources and support options you know about that might help local moms.

Yeah. , One great local resource is Mind, Body, Baby of North Carolina. They have a lot of resources for moms. They have a website, they have Instagram, so definitely find them. 

Also there is a website Postpartum Support International. And if you go to their website, you can search for options in your area, so therapists or other support resources that are beneficial and they’re kind of like a hub.

Okay. And we’ll link both of those to the bottom of this so you guys can find those websites real easy, and mind, body, baby, post on Mondays, all of their classes coming up for the week. So that’s a good spot too to check out if you’re on Instagram. 

And then how can folks get in touch with you?

I am on social media, I’m on Facebook, I’m on Instagram. You can Google me or you can find my website. You can email me or call me. 

Tell us your website and your phone number. Yes. I definitely am pretty much attached to my work phone. So , that number is 9 8 0 – 3 2 2 – 6 2 6 8.

And just, you know, me, gimme a call to say, Hey, this is such and such, and we’ll go from there. If I don’t answer, leave me message and I will get back with you, usually the same day. And like I said, if you go to Facebook or Instagram, if you look for, perinatal Wellness support, you can find me.I have it linked to my website, so you can send me a message on there.

That’s another way to get in touch with me as well. And then my website is Perinatal Wellness 

And can you tell us, about the process of working with you and what happens after we reach out?

Yes. So once you reach out, we can set up a time to do a consultation that is free. It’s a free 15 minute consultation, that way you have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about me, about the work I do, and about the process.

And then from there we can schedule the first appointment. And that is an assessment intake where I get all of your history, all of your information, and we come up with a plan to work together and move forward, so reach out to me. You can email me, like I said, you can gimme a call. We can set something up and go from there.

So if you maybe experiencing anxiety or experiencing some depression, or maybe it’s just trying to adjust to this new role, or maybe it’s coming up with a plan for self-care. Anything, that you feel like you need support with, we can work together to help support you.

Well, thank you for meeting with me today. This was so much fun and I look forward to, chatting more.

Afton’s website is and

her instagram @perinatalwellness_support

If you have questions for her or myself just leave them in the comment section below and we will get back to you.

Celebrating Motherhood in 2023 with Limited Edition Sessions and an Art Exhibit for You!

Feel like a model for the day while we create once-in-a-lifetime motherhood portraits you will cherish more each year. 

Join me in celebrating motherhood in 2023.

What’s this all about? I’m celebrating motherhood in 2023 in a big way. I will be photographing 23 moms-to-be in 2023 for my celebrating motherhood project. I’ll be arranging a photography exhibit and celebration of this special time in every mother’s life for our participants by the end of this year.

Whether you are 6 weeks or 8 months pregnant right now, we’d love for you to be a part of it!

The portrait sessions take place at our fort mill studio at the time that is comfortable for you based on the consultation with Alicia.

newborn love stories: expecting a baby, Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, maternity portrait, celebrate motherhood

Why now? Because motherhood in 2023 is hard, culturally, we have so many expectations. Keep the kids happy, healthy, active, on grade level; the list goes on. Keep the house show ready. Oh, and don’t let your career suffer while you do all the other things. Don’t have kids too early or too late. It’s all too much.

celebrate motherhood, maternity portrait pink dress, Charlotte NC photographer

I will focus on documenting the incredible super power of motherhood.

First, creating new life is a superpower, one that should be celebrated. I want to honor that superpower with beautiful, professional portraits for mommas-to-be so you can remember how incredible you really are!

I also happen to know many moms who give themselves such a hard time when the babies are young, but when their babies are 20-something they look back at those photographs with their kids and think, wow, what was I so worried about? Because all they see is the love they felt for their child. As a motherhood photographer, it’s my duty to document this pregnancy season of your children so that you will have  beautiful images to cherish forever.

Mama, it’s time to share these fabulous moments with the world, and I want to do this for you without adding anything to your already-growing to-do list. The truth is that time isn’t going to slow down. But together, we can hit the pause button and capture this season of motherhood.

motherhood maternity black and white bump portrait Fort Mill, SC

How it works:

1. Fill out the form below and Alicia will get in touch with you to talk about the best timing, style and other details of your photo shoot.

2. Your photo shoot starts with hair and make up to help you feel pampered and like your best self.

3. You will view your portraits and will choose your favorites right after your shoot or a few days later.

4. At the end of 2023 we will arrange a celebration for our participants with a gallery exhibit of the photographs and women’s stories of what it means to you to have your baby.

Will you help me make the ‘Celebrating Motherhood Project’ a success?

If you are expecting a baby in 2023. I’m inviting you to take part in my Celebrating Motherhood project in 2023. I welcome you to share this with other mamas who might love this. 

motherhood remembered in a maternity portrait over the bed in your room! artwork for Charlotte's moms

What do you need to do?

Fill out the contact form to schedule your session. Then I will call you to answer any questions you may have and schedule your session.

expecting a baby, Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, maternity portrait

The session investment is just $350 for hair and makeup, a portrait session all about celebrating you and your motherhood journey, design, styling, and client closet included. You are absolutely going to love your images! During your image reveal, you will make any final choices for printed artwork. Plus, Digital files are always included with your printed work.

We will handle all the details. Once you’re on the schedule, all you need to do is show up on the day of your session. That is truly it! Your outfit will be clean, pressed, and waiting, and hair and makeup will be there to pamper you. Your children are not only invited but welcomed with open arms. We love your kiddos like our own! 

Don’t wait to document this moment with your child. You’ll be thrilled you did. These portraits will be so precious. 

The time has come

for you to

exist in photographs.

Statement from Alicia “I’ve been photographing pregnancy and babies for over 18 years. I have documented this special time for so many local families. And what I’ve noticed is how precious and meaningful this time is for a mom and the entire family. And yet how fast it passes by. It really feels like a blur. I believe that it’s crucial to remember as much detail of all the hope, joy, anticipation and love that you feel during this time and celebrate YOU, the mom and the new life that you are about to bring to the world. You are creating life inside your body, if that’s not a super power I don’t know what is.”

expecting parents, wall artwork, fort mill, sc, Charlotte, NC, Tega Cay, SC

Fort Mill’s Featured Newborn Myths

big brother baby sister, Fort Mill newborn photography

Over the years, I’ve photographed hundreds of Fort Mill newborns for their first official portrait. I love documenting this for parents with my stress-free portrait process. For more information on when to schedule your newborn portrait session, please visit this resource. 

Sweet boy snuggled up

So, I’ve been asked a lot lately about newborn portraits and some expectations from first-time parents that aren’t realistic. So I thought we would do quick myths versus reality post today to walk you through the top three myths. 

The Top Three Newborn Portrait Myths 

1.) Can We Get a Portrait of My Newborn Smiling?

Can we get a portrait of my newborn smiling? The answer is probably not. I apologize to the first-time parents who have seen my work and think that an adorable smiling newborn is the norm. It’s really like seeing a unicorn and taking a photo. Some days we just get lucky, but the reality is newborns are expected to smile by three months old. That’s normal. And I photograph babies between 5-14 days old. So those adorable smiles you saw are just plain luck. Some babies smile in their sleep, and we get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to click the shutter at the right time. Most of the time, it’s just not possible. Nothing I say or do will encourage a smile from a newborn this young. 

newborn myths Fort Mill New baby photographer, baby wrapped in pink hat

2.) Can we Get a Portrait of My Baby Looking at the Camera?

Here again, that milestone is around three months. Why, you ask? Baby’s vision and ability to focus just doesn’t line up with what’s going on in a professional camera. According to this AOA article about infant vision, “Their primary focus is on objects 8 to 10 inches from their face or the distance to the parent’s face.” from birth to 4 months of age. As a general rule in professional photography with a standard lens, I need at least 3 feet between my subject and the lens to properly get them in focus. That’s at minimum 36 inches. Baby just can’t focus on me at that distance. They may look in my direction, but again, it’s like with the smiles, even if I shoot fast, it’s a lucky shot to get both eyes looking into the camera. 

Secondly, babies at this age are very sleepy; just getting them to open their eyes is a feat. Newborns sleep between 16-18 hours a day during the first two weeks. 

custom portrait artwork album of newborn photo session

3.) Why Not Wait a Few Weeks to Take Newborn Portraits? 

So now I hear the wheels turning. Why not wait a few weeks and photograph them a bit older or a bit bigger? Here are a few reasons for you.

  • Baby acne – ugh, not a fun thing to think about, but it happens a lot, and it starts around two weeks old 
  • Cradle cap – this is similar to acne but on the scalp starts around three weeks old
  • The newborn curl – Eek, so sweet. Honestly, this is what so many moms choose newborn portraits to capture. That newborn curl is the sweetest position and reminds us that our baby just spent nine months inside our bodies growing and becoming a baby. 
pink sweetness, newborn portrait of a baby girl, natural posing, Charlotte, NC, Clover SC

Baby Sleep Doctor tells us, “Most babies grow out of the “newborn curl” within the first few weeks of their life” sad but true. This is the number one reason I encourage moms to call me before their baby arrives so we can get them in during the precious newborn stage. 

Mom holding her newborn for a portrait worth of the family gallery wall.

The thing is, by three weeks old baby is more aware that we are moving her. She may have acne, cradle cap, or not. But she will sleep less soundly as the days go by, she will stretch more, and if you want portraits like you see in my gallery, they are best created by two weeks of age. The older baby gets, the longer the session may take, and the more post-processing is required to remove acne. Post-processing takes time and increases your costs for a newborn session.

Your newborn portrait artwork will anchor the wall art without overpowering your theme or asthetic.
an example of a newborn portrait artwork displayed in the home

Your Fort Mill, SC Newborn Portrait Photographer

I feel lucky to meet and photograph your sweet baby! I get to relive the precious newborn stage over and over again. To create the best experience for my clients, I can only take on a limited number of newborn sessions per week. I would love to be your newborn photographer. Just send me a message here to schedule a time to chat or to schedule your session. Tell me did you find these newborn portrait myths helpful? Please let me know in the comments.

charlotte, nc, Newborn Photography,
Just a few precious new babies ❤️

How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session in Charlotte, NC

how to prepare for your newborn portrait session

The day is finally here! It’s time to capture that sweet babe you’ve been growing for nine months. You may be wondering what you have to do to prepare for your newborn session, and the answer is… not much! My mission is to handle all the details and run the session so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

newborn boy holds a stuff elephant for his portrait

The Benefit of a Charlotte Studio Newborn Portrait Session 

This is where being a studio newborn portrait photographer really comes in handy because all you have to do is show up with your family! You won’t need to worry about cleaning your home or keeping your toddler out of their toys. I have everything we need for baby within reach, including props, wraps, and accessories. Plus, you might not even have to worry about what to wear with my client wardrobe! How nice is that?

On the day of your session, I’ll have everything ready to go, including the backdrop, lighting, and any other equipment that we’ll need. Once everyone is settled, we’re able to get started! 

Preparing Your Other Children for Your Newborn Session 

During our consultation, I always ask my clients who will be in the photos. Once I have a list of who will be in the photos, I’ll ask for a run-through of everyone’s personality. That might sound goofy, but the more I know, the better I can prepare for the session. If you’re worried that your three-year-old will not cooperate, let me know so that I can come armed and ready to do whatever is necessary to get the perfect photo. I’m all about bribes on portrait day, of course! When used correctly, bribes work wonderfully to encourage any child to cooperate for the photo. 

I’ll have the right things on hand that will entice your toddler, like suckers and snacks. Foods that can be eaten quickly and won’t leave a mess. For that reason, I avoid chocolates or red candies. I’ll make sure to clear any treats or bribes with you beforehand!

Picture Perfect Backup Plan For Young Toddlers 

During our pre-planning process, we’ll go through our ideal portrait, our backup option, and our hail-mary photoshop plan for the session. That means we are prepared for whatever happens and won’t need to stress at all. The ideal plan is that everyone cooperates, and we’re able to get the perfect portrait. For example, a photo of your toddler holding your newborn is every mom’s dream. If we need to use the backup plan, we can photograph the baby in a prop, then capture your older child coming in for a kiss or photograph them next to the prop. 

Finally, if those options are not going to work then we will use Photoshop to create your dream portrait. I’ll photograph each child alone and then composite them together. That way, everyone is happy and safe, and you get your siblings’ photos. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants a siblings’ portrait.

Newborn Portrait Session Experience | Charlotte, NC

My mission is to create a stress-free portrait session experience for you and your entire family. Everyone’s safety and happiness are my top priority while ensuring we create that dream portrait for you to display on the walls of your home. If you’re interested in learning more about a newborn session near Charlotte, please send me a message here.


Looking for some Maternity portrait inspiration? Check out my friend Nani’s work she’s out in Texas y’all!

Fort Mill SC Miracle Rainbow Baby Plus 3 Things You Should Know When Booking A Newborn Photographer

Charlotte Newborn Miracle Rainbow baby girl, Fort Mill SC, portrait

3 things you should know when booking a newborn photographer

  1. First does your photographer have safety training and lots of experience with newborns? Here is the hard truth newborns aren’t intuitively easy to pose. It may look effortless on Instagram but in real life new babies are like all people they have opinions about what you do to them. Some babies love being on their belly others don’t. The question really is does your photographer know enough about babies and their cues to tell the difference? Does he or she know what poses are not safe to do with out a composite? (fyi a composite is where a photographer makes a beautiful image from 2 or more images in post processing) This is the only way to create poses like the froggy or say one where you see an elephant holding a newborn. If your photographer is trying to do these things in one image with one hand run for the hills. That person is putting your child at risk of injury.
  3. Second does your photographer have examples of a full newborn session? Not just a few amazing images online. You want to know exactly what to expect from this person for your new baby. Seriously it’s just like when you were looking for a wedding photographer you wanted to see a full wedding album not just the instagram highlight reel. Again if you want to have enough images of your new baby for a portrait album you need to know they can deliver enough beautiful portraits for your album. 
  4. And finally does your photographer sanitize and wash everything your baby touches between sessions? This one gets me fired up. I am a card carrying germaphobe. But especially since the pandemic started they need to be washing all the blankets not just the machine washable ones. We don’t want to be sharing germs and I’m not just talking about viruses in the news. Without a doubt if your photographer photographs babies without diapers on those blankets, backdrops and wraps need to be washed each and every time. because I’m here to tell you babies are messy and naked babies are extra messy, cute as those naked bums are 😉 Also, in case you are wondering if it doesn’t make it through the wash in my newborn studio I just toss it. Not only that, I even wash the little felt rainbows from this rainbow baby session! 

Rainbow Baby Interview With Her Momma:

  • I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises along the way?
    This is my rainbow baby (it’s a girl) after a miscarriage in May 2020.
  • What do you like to imagine for your child’s future? Tell me all your dreams for baby.
    Happy, healthy, well-mannered, well-rounded, and all the photos of her we can handle!
  • What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?
    How very much in love I am with her already. I have prayed for this child for many years.
  • Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family right now?
    Precious and irreplaceable memories in the years to come.


And because you are checking out this newborn blog, I thought you might also like a good birth story. All expecting moms like happy ending birth stories (or is that just me?) Anyhow check out Murphy’s story here. 

Ready to book your newborn portrait session? Give me a call 803-336-5125 or head over to the contact form

Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer | Unexpected Surprise

I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises along the way?


Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, modern art portrait, black & white

Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Unexpected surprise, pregnancy portrait, color, red hair Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Unexpected surprise, pregnancy portrait, black & white

My partner and I were trying for about a year and in the midst of our infertility work up earlier this year, we discovered we were pregnant! It was truly the happiest moment and though pregnancy has (and will continue to have) it’s challenges, I am loving this journey and watching my body change. We are thrilled to meet our little girl and would love to document this experience!

What do you like to imagine for your child’s future? Tell me all your dreams for baby.

I want my daughter to live a life she’s passionate about, whatever that looks like for her. Her dad and I will be there to support her in every step of the way.

Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, classic & timeless portrait, color lace dress Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Unexpected surprise, pregnancy portrait, color lace dressWhat would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?

I want her to know just how truly wanted she is. I want her to know that her Dad and I managed to find our way to each other through one failed marriage and many other obstacles in life, and we cannot wait to be her parents and watch her grow.

Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family right now?

Simple answer: we are terrible at taking photos! We cherish all of our moments together but sadly always forget to document our experiences. I want us to have beautiful photos to document the memory of starting our own family.

Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Modern pregnancy portrait, black & White Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Modern pregnancy portrait, color red hair Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer, Modern pregnancy portrait, black & White


Thinking about modern maternity portraits to document your pregnancy journey? Not sure how to display them in your home? Check out this great article from my friend Nani’s blog here. She shares her wisdom on how to decorate with wall art in several different ways. Check it out and leave her a comment if you like it. 

A little magic to remind us to be thankful

a little magic to remind us to be thankful, Charlotte NC, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC

I was introduced to this amazing girl by the Charlotte chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Talia was the 2021 Charlotte Girl of the Year Honoree and honored hero! They shared this about her story

“In June of 2018, Talia had her tonsils removed in hopes of fixing frequent headaches and Sleep Apnea. Her doctor sent her tonsils out for a biopsy that soon revealed that she had T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Now, when Talia isn’t doing treatment, she loves to read, play basketball, and spend time with her three younger siblings. We are so inspired by Talia’s bravery on this journey!”


a little magic will get her there, Charlotte NC, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC
her future is bright, Fort Mill SC
basketball, charlotte player

Talia has an infectious smile. And man does she have plans for her future. She reads any chance she gets, she practices for her basketball career in the immediate future. Plus she’s already preparing for a future in medicine. This young woman is going places and taking names. Talia has a bright future and I can’t wait to see how she changes the world for the better. 

When I asked about her favorite things and she mentioned a few book series she loves. You know I had to create a fun portrait with a little magic 😉 Might be my favorite book series also. Wingardium Leviosa 


Charlotte NC Fun Family Formal Portraits: Announcing 1st ever Artist Project

fun formal family portraits, finished portrait, wall artwork, fort mill, sc, Charlotte, NC, Tega Cay, SC, mom and daughters

I turn forty in just over a week and I want to celebrate the love and compassion I’ve been shown as an artist with some fun artist projects. So these are a double win, I get to feed my creative side and you get a great piece of artwork for your home. 

Project One: Fun Family

Formal Portraits

Ok this is one of those things I’ve always wanted to offer and never had the right models for the idea. I’m thinking Suits for the fellas, fancy dresses for the ladies, a simple, high end commercial feel for the lighting and final product. 

Have you always wanted to have that perfect fun family formal portrait for the den? Yes, let’s do this. Fill out the form below and I will give you a call to get started.

Here is a Pinterest board I created as inspiration ideas

Check these out and see if this is something you would love

-thanks for sharing in my fun birthday ideas



Thinking about wall art for your next family portrait session? Check out what my professional photographer friend Nani wrote about choosing the right sized art piece for your space here!

Charlotte NC childhood photographer| Cancer Has No Place In Childhood, Now Is The Time To Act

Man & Woman of the Year supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


This month, we celebrate kids with fun portrait sessions and support Brandi Jansen. Brandi has been nominated for Woman of the Year with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This fight for her is personal.

Cancer tried to steal her little girl when she was just 3 years old.

Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC Real Kids portrait session, fighting childhood cancer


Brandi shares “We were lucky we got to keep our girl, so I keep fighting back for our friends still fighting, those we lost and those yet to be diagnosed. I am incredibly honored and determined to raise $430,005 by June 5, 2021, for the 43 children a day diagnosed and the 5 children a day who do not survive.

I wasn’t ready to be a cancer mom, but I was built for it.”

studio kid portrait child screamingLittle Wren endured 2.5 years of harsh chemotherapy by mouth, intramuscularly, via her port, and pumped into her spine and brain, but that was not enough. Wren also received radiation therapy to her little developing brain 10 times, to make sure they got all the cancer. Wren reached the end of her treatment in December 2018 at 6 years old. She fought a beast and will have life-long battle wounds from her experiences. 

With your gift, you will be saving lives by supporting research to fight (and one day end) cancer. Your gift will also provide families with education and support during a cancer battle.

Fighting childhood cancer, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC real kids studio portrait, customer service

Your gift will also include a fun portrait session experience for your child(ren).  What could be better? You get to support an amazing charity, lift up a cancer mom fighting for our children and give your kids an amazing experience and create artwork for your home that you will cherish forever


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Still have questions send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.  

Thank you for your support!

Charlotte NC Newborn Photographer: We planned…, New Baby Just Laughs At Our Plans

Planned baby photography, Music man, baby posed on records, Charlotte NC, Fort MIll SC

We had planned…, A New Baby Just Laughs At Our Plans

My fiance and I became engaged on March 13 of this year – literally days before everything crashed down around us. We were just beginning to plan a wedding when we found out I was pregnant in early April. Needless toPilot legacy baby portrait, Charlotte NC, Fort MIll, SC say, plans have changed. We focused instead on buying our dream house and preparing to meet our little boy, Owen. My fiance, Chris, is amazing and has been so excited about this time in our lives!   


Describe your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises (good or bad)? *   


I got pregnant much faster than anticipated. My fiance and I agreed I should get off birth control because we knew we were planning to start a family after we were married. I’m 37, so we honestly thought it would be tougher. I got pregnant one month off birth control even though my Dr. prepared us for a long journey. What a surprise! we are so excited. It’s been newborn baby, blue, Charlotte, NC, Matthews NC, Fort Mill, NCa tough pregnancy (Still have morning sickness), but trying to find the joy and embrace this season.   



What do you imagine for your child’s future? *   


I want him to be HAPPY. I want him to have choices, to know he’s loved, to love others, and to be kind.   

newborn baby, mechanic legacy, Charlotte, NC, Matthews NC, Fort Mill, NC   

What would you like your baby to know about YOU? *   


I’d like him to know that I’m not perfect, but am going to try every day to be the best mom possible for him.   


Is there an encouraging message you would like to share with other expecting mothers? *   


You’re going to be an amazing mom!   


What else would you like to share?*   Mom with new baby, Charlotte NC, Fort Mill SC


I really want to remember this special time. I know the newborn phase can be crazy and I don’t want to have it go by and only remember it being a haze. I’d love to have photos of this time and always remember this new time for us.   





Baby is here!   



Tell us about the first moments with your baby?   


Overwhelming. We had to do a c-section, so the first few moments weren’t exactly as planned but seeing him for the first time made me realize the only thing that matters is having a healthy baby boy. Thankfully my husband was able to be with Owen and hold him until I was out of recovery.   


Any surprises in labor and delivery? Anything you didn’t expect?  

Music man, baby posed on records, Charlotte NC, Fort MIll SC   

I truly was not ready for the physical pain of contractions and the emotional pain of my ideal birth scenario going out the window.   


What’s the best part of being a new mom?   


Seeing things through his eyes. Everything is brand new to him. Then there are things that are brand new to both of us, like breastfeeding and just figuring it out together has been amazing.   


What’s the hardest part?   

new baby in mom's belly cast, Fort Mill SC, Indian Land SC, Charlotte NC   

Worrying that I’m not doing the right thing all the time. There’s so much I don’t know.


What did you have planned before your baby arrived? Share in the comments