1st Birthday Pizza Smash Photos | Fort Mill, SC

fort mill, sc pizza smash session, King of Fire Pizza

What’s better than celebrating your sweet baby turning one? By celebrating with pizza, of course! Not just any pizza, but award-winning pizza. Milestone sessions allow us to capture every major milestone during your baby’s first year. It’s seriously amazing to look back on their newborn portrait vs. their 1st-year portrait and see how much they’ve grown. You’ll hardly believe your eyes. Another popular 1st birthday session is a cake smash which is also fun.

When my client reached out wanting a pizza smash, I was all in. Dad owns King of Fire Pizza in Fort Mill, SC, so you can say that pizza runs in the family for this little guy. (PS, if you haven’t had their pizza, you need to try it!) 

pizza smash photos, Charlotte, NC

Not only is this precious boy part of a pizza legacy, but he’s also one tough fighter. Mom spent a few weeks in the hospital before he was born. He was born seven weeks early and spent a month in the hospital growing and learning to eat before going home. It’s amazing to see what he’s always accomplished at just one-year-old! 

During this portrait session, the star of the show had his three older sisters with him. You could tell they adore their baby brother!

pizza smash photoshoot, Indian Land, SC

1st Year Pizza Smash Session

This session was supreme! I loved being able to celebrate this special boy turning one while honoring his family legacy. I think the only downside was that this session made me hungry 😉

baby eating pizza smash one year portraits, Charlotte, NC

I feel like I should mention that the pizza wasn’t hot! Your baby’s safety is always my number one priority during every session. Mom and dad were right there helping their little guy get the best slice. He’s already learning the ropes of the family business. 

Pizza legacy portraits, one year old baby boy and dad, Fort Mill, SC

During a first-year portrait session, I always make sure to schedule ample time so that we can get the perfect shot. We’re never in a rush or stressed. It’s all about having fun and celebrating your baby!

After the session, we’ll meet for an image reveal! It’s so fun to look at every single image and soak in the entire day. All you have to do is choose your favorites and how you want to print the portraits. I’ll take care of the rest! I order and hand-deliver your family portrait artwork. Heck, I even help hang it up so that this important task is checked off your to-do list and you can get back to enjoying your family. 

How to Make Your 1st Year Portrait Session Special 

While your family might not own a pizza business, there might be something else that you’d love to incorporate into your child’s 1st-year portrait session. Your child starring in this milestone session makes it perfect enough, but please let me know if there is something special you would want to include. Maybe it’s heirloom jewelry or accessory piece, a book, or even a keepsake from a family member. All my portrait sessions are a collaboration so let’s get together and come up with something creative for you.

baby chef, pizza smash photos, Indian Land SC, Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill, SC First Year Portrait Photography 

Watching my littlest clients grow throughout the first year of their lives is so special to me! I get to experience the joy of watching them grow into their own personalities. If you’re looking for a photographer to capture every milestone, or it’s time for 1st-year portraits, please reach out to me here. I would love to be part of telling your child’s story. 

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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

how to prepare for your newborn portrait session

The day is finally here! It’s time to capture that sweet babe you’ve been growing for nine months. You may be wondering what you have to do to prepare for your newborn session, and the answer is… not much! My mission is to handle all the details and run the session so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

newborn boy holds a stuff elephant for his portrait

The Benefit of a Studio Newborn Portrait Session 

This is where being a studio newborn portrait photographer really comes in handy because all you have to do is show up with your family! You won’t need to worry about cleaning your home or keeping your toddler out of their toys. I have everything we need for baby within reach, including props, wraps, and accessories. Plus, you might not even have to worry about what to wear with my client wardrobe! How nice is that?

On the day of your session, I’ll have everything ready to go, including the backdrop, lighting, and any other equipment that we’ll need. Once everyone is settled, we’re able to get started! 

Preparing Your Other Children for Your Newborn Session 

During our consultation, I always ask my clients who will be in the photos. Once I have a list of who will be in the photos, I’ll ask for a run-through of everyone’s personality. That might sound goofy, but the more I know, the better I can prepare for the session. If you’re worried that your three-year-old will not cooperate, let me know so that I can come armed and ready to do whatever is necessary to get the perfect photo. I’m all about bribes on portrait day, of course! When used correctly, bribes work wonderfully to encourage any child to cooperate for the photo. 

I’ll have the right things on hand that will entice your toddler, like suckers and snacks. Foods that can be eaten quickly and won’t leave a mess. For that reason, I avoid chocolates or red candies. I’ll make sure to clear any treats or bribes with you beforehand!

Picture Perfect Backup Plan For Young Toddlers 

During our pre-planning process, we’ll go through our ideal portrait, our backup option, and our hail-mary photoshop plan for the session. That means we are prepared for whatever happens and won’t need to stress at all. The ideal plan is that everyone cooperates, and we’re able to get the perfect portrait. For example, a photo of your toddler holding your newborn is every mom’s dream. If we need to use the backup plan, we can photograph the baby in a prop, then capture your older child coming in for a kiss or photograph them next to the prop. 

Finally, if those options are not going to work then we will use Photoshop to create your dream portrait. I’ll photograph each child alone and then composite them together. That way, everyone is happy and safe, and you get your siblings’ photos. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants a siblings’ portrait.

Newborn Portrait Session Experience | Charlotte, NC

My mission is to create a stress-free portrait session experience for you and your entire family. Everyone’s safety and happiness are my top priority while ensuring we create that dream portrait for you to display on the walls of your home. If you’re interested in learning more, please send me a message here.


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How to Choose Your Newborn Portrait Photography Style | Charlotte, NC

sweet newborn girl poses for her newborn portrait session

You spend nine months waiting to meet the love of your life. All those months, you dream about this little person who you can’t wait to hold in your arms. It’s a surreal and beautiful moment when that moment arrives, and you get to hold your sweet baby for their newborn portrait.

Charlotte mama holds her sweet newborn during a newborn portrait session

Those first few weeks with your newborn are a crazy blur as you get to know each other. It’s so important to capture this important milestone with newborn portraits. An essential part of planning your newborn portrait session is to decide which type of newborn portrait style you wish. I’d love to walk through the different styles and help you decide which one is right for your family. 

Family meeting their sweet newborn during their studio photography session

Baby Photography Styles

There are two styles of newborn portraits to choose from and they are studio or lifestyle. Both are beautiful, but you need to understand the difference and choose the right style for you! We want to start with the end in mind for every portrait session. How do you want to display and love on these portraits? Are you going to display them in your living room or create an heirloom album? Maybe both! Knowing this helps us plan your style. 

newborn twins during their portrait session in Charlotte, NC


Lifestyle Newborn Portraits 

A lifestyle photographer will come to your home after the baby is born to capture lifestyle newborn portraits. The photographer works within your home to take photographs of your baby and usually doesn’t bring props or wraps. Instead, they use your home and decor as a backdrop for the portraits. For this reason, parents need to clean and prepare their home before the session so that it’s portrait ready! These portraits can feature the rest of your family as the photographer captures your family’s big milestone. 

Studio Newborn Portraits

All you need to do is bring your beautiful new baby to the studio for this style of newborn portraits. Everything is perfect and ready for your peaceful session within the studio setting. Something special about studio portraits is that your newborn is the primary focus of the studio portraits.

Newborn girl poses for her newborn portrait in the studio

I have everything we need for your baby’s session, including props, wraps, and even a wardrobe for mama. The studio-style offers the ability to sweetly and safely pose your newborn to get the perfect photo. 

Studio portrait photographer Alicia Smith has all the props needed for your newborn session

If mama has a specific pose in mind, I have training and experience to pose your baby. However, your newborn runs the show. If your sweetie isn’t feeling a particular pose, sometimes I can use some Photoshop magic to create the perfectly posed portrait for you. This is a much safer option than trying to force a pose that might be uncomfortable for your baby. Of course, if you have other children, you’re welcome to bring them to the studio for this special session. I love creating sibling portraits, and they are almost always one of mom’s favorites.

siblings pose during a studio newborn portrait session

Charlotte Newborn Studio Photographer

Your newborn portrait session is such an important milestone to capture, and you only get one shot to get it right! Newborn portraits are best to capture between 5 and 14 days old. Trust an experienced newborn studio photographer located right in Charlotte, NC. I’m honored when families choose me for this precious time, and I don’t take a moment of it for granted. If you think I may be the right fit for you, let’s have a conversation. 

Why Work With the Same Maternity and Newborn Photographer | Rock Hill, SC

studio maternity session near Rock Hill, SC

Meeting my newborn clients will never get old! I absolutely love when mamas book their maternity and newborn sessions with me. Not only do I get to relive that special time over and over again, but I find that I’m just as excited to meet the new baby as I am to see the mama again. 

Sweet studio newborn portrait session

There are so many reasons why I highly recommend using the same photographer for both your maternity session and your newborn session. I have my reasons, but it’s really a great thing for mom. Let me share a few reasons with you!

gorgeous studio maternity portrait session

Using the Same Maternity Photographer and Newborn Photographer

These are just a few of the best reasons why you should consider booking the same photographer for your pregnancy photos and your newborn photos. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

maternity photography Alicia Smith shares this sweet session

  1. No Strangers Here – At your newborn session, you won’t be meeting a new photographer for these precious portraits. You’re already confident and comfortable with your photographer, and you know exactly what you’re going to get. Instead of saying, “Nice to meet you,” you’ll say, “It’s so great to see you again!” 

why use the same maternity and newborn photographer

  1. Easy Newborn Session Planning – You can plan out both sessions when you have the same photographer. Instead of wondering what poses you want or what props you’ll need, you can work through that during your pregnancy.

parents holding their newborn daughter during their studio portrait session

  1. Priority Scheduling – My newborn clients have priority scheduling. Of course, babies come when they want, but I have my booked in newborn clients’ due dates on the calendar and make sure to be available around that time. Mamas just need to let me know when their baby is born to finalize the date of the session within the ideal two-week timeframe.

Beautiful mom during her studio maternity session

  1. Don’t Be Camera Shy – For some of my clients, their maternity portrait session is their first professional photos since their wedding. Whether you love being in front of the camera or not, having the same photographer means you and your partner have an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera. 

Couple posing for their studio maternity session

Displaying Your Portrait Artwork

  1. Style Your Session – The best part of my job is to deliver my clients amazing portrait artwork they can treasure forever. You see, my job isn’t over until your portraits are displayed in your home. It’s that important to me! When I work with my clients for their maternity and newborn sessions, we can style their sessions so that their portraits match their home’s styles. We also offer installation for your wall art. I want to do this for you so that you can focus on bonding with your baby and not asking your partner to hang the art. That way after your baby arrives you can focus on bonding with them and we can get your portraits on your walls for you. 

newborn boy in a belly cast during his studio portrait session

Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot | Rock Hill, SC

Honestly, I can hardly wait for when my clients walk into the studio with their newborns. Meeting your sweet babies is such an honor, and after getting to know you at the maternity session, I am genuinely excited to hear the good news!  I love that I am able to get to know my clients and be part of their growing families. As a maternity and newborn photographer, I’m here to capture your most precious moments. Please send me a message here if you want to schedule your session with me. 

Charlotte NC Photographer Can You Believe Baby Kameron is one!


Baby Kameron is one year old!

Below are questions I asked his mom after one year of creating baby portraits for Kameron about what this journey has been like for her.


Congratulations Mom baby Kameron is one year old. What was this year like for you? Physically, emotionally or mentally. (remember there are no right or wrong answers)

It was a whirlwind! Overall things got easier with time. I think every stage has its highlights and challenges. Since he’s been walking it’s definitely been more physically challenging than anything.

newborn baby photography, black and white portrait, Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC, Tega Cay, SCCharlotte Baby, Baby Kameron is oneWhat has been your favorite part of this stage now that baby kameron is one?

Kam is starting to talk more, play independently and develop his personality (including likes and dislikes). My favorite thing has been watching his habits like ALWAYS putting his cup in the cupholder, needing two of whatever he’s eating (one for each hand) and moving his chair to the perfect angle before sitting down.

Tell us about your child, what’s his personality like so far? What’s he up to at this stage? 

He is a jokester. Example….offers you food to share. You go to take a bite and he pulls it away quickly and takes the bite himself, laughing at you. We love how goofy he is but know he will continue to be the wild child. 

Charlotte Baby Photograph, kameron is one

He’s also getting into everything. Nothing is safe if he can reach it or open it.

Has this first year of motherhood changed you? 

My husband says I’ve gotten calmer and more patient LOL. I think it’s helped me to become softer in some ways. I’ve always been the independent I can do it all type, but now I’ve learned to lean on support systems and that it’s alright to not do it all.

In what ways do you think Kameron is like you? And what about your partner?

I think he is like me in the way he’s social and meets no stranger. He also loves soccer which was my sport growing up. I’m also particular…and he is too (ie, the cup needing to be in the cupholder).

He is like his dad for his love of music, all other sports and super active. He also can be impatient and insist on getting what he wants which his dad admits is all him 😉

Fort Mill SC Baby Kameron is oneWhat was the most useful baby product you loved?

Halo swaddle. The Velcro was the only thing keeping him swaddled

What was the least useful baby product you tried?

For us baby wearing products. He didn’t like it.

Any advice for fellow moms or moms to be? What is the best advice you have received on your journey?

Enjoy the different stages. Be prepared but be prepared to change plans 

Tega Cay SC, One year old boy How are you feeling about the little love stories journey? The one year baby portrait process? Anything I can do to change or improve the experience?

We’ve really loved every session! And getting to capture all the baby milestones I don’t think we would have without it.


Ready to learn more about our little love stories portrait sessions to capture baby’s first year? Get in touch here.

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Rock Hill SC Cake Smash Photographer | Parker Turns One

baby's first year, Rock Hill South Carolina, Charlotte North Carolina, Cake smash


Photographing baby’s first year

What’s better than photographing a newborn? Having the honor of photographing her throughout her first year of life. Photographing baby’s first year is a wild ride watching them grow and learn, seeing those little personalities emerge. It’s such a cool experience for me and for mom and dad also. At no other time during life do we grow and change so much in such a short time. 

baby's first year, cake smash, fort mIll scInterview with Mom:

What has been your favorite part of your baby’s first year?

My favorite part has been the cuddles. She now shows affection and it’s the best.

Tell us about your baby girl, what’s her personality like so far? What’s she up to at this stage? 

Her personality is kind of all over the place. She’s such a calm kid but when she wants something she demands it right then and there.

How has motherhood changed you over baby’s first year ? 

Motherhood hasn’t changed me much. I still like to stay home and still like to go to bed early

In what ways do you think she is like you? And what about your partner?

Everything! The way she side eyes, demanding, she’s also laid back and silly.

What was the most useful baby product you loved?

Kangaroo pouch! When I need to get things done and all she wants is to be held I just put her on and do what I have to do

What was the least useful baby product you tried?

Socks! She will not keep them on…

Any advice for fellow moms or moms to be? What is the best advice you have received on your motherhood journey?

Don’t worry so much! Your baby develops in their own way. Only read the books so you know what to expect and take them with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own opinions on how children should grow just have yours.

How are you feeling about the little love stories journey over her first year? The one year baby plan portrait process? Anything I can do to change or improve the experience?

parker turns one, cake smash, tega cay sc, babys first yearLove it! Have for sure been the best experience. I look back and am so happy we did this!

Looking for a fun super hero themed cake smash idea for your baby’s first year? Check out this awesome super hero session for inspiration!


Ready to chat about your baby plan portrait series to capture your baby’s first year? Let’s connect click here

Fort Mill SC Miracle Rainbow Baby Plus 3 Things You Should Know When Booking A Newborn Photographer

Charlotte Newborn Miracle Rainbow baby girl, Fort Mill SC, portrait

3 things you should know when booking a newborn photographer

  1. First does your photographer have safety training and lots of experience with newborns? Here is the hard truth newborns aren’t intuitively easy to pose. It may look effortless on Instagram but in real life new babies are like all people they have opinions about what you do to them. Some babies love being on their belly others don’t. The question really is does your photographer know enough about babies and their cues to tell the difference? Does he or she know what poses are not safe to do with out a composite? (fyi a composite is where a photographer makes a beautiful image from 2 or more images in post processing) This is the only way to create poses like the froggy or say one where you see an elephant holding a newborn. If your photographer is trying to do these things in one image with one hand run for the hills. That person is putting your child at risk of injury.
  3. Second does your photographer have examples of a full newborn session? Not just a few amazing images online. You want to know exactly what to expect from this person for your new baby. Seriously it’s just like when you were looking for a wedding photographer you wanted to see a full wedding album not just the instagram highlight reel. Again if you want to have enough images of your new baby for a portrait album you need to know they can deliver enough beautiful portraits for your album. 
  4. And finally does your photographer sanitize and wash everything your baby touches between sessions? This one gets me fired up. I am a card carrying germaphobe. But especially since the pandemic started they need to be washing all the blankets not just the machine washable ones. We don’t want to be sharing germs and I’m not just talking about viruses in the news. Without a doubt if your photographer photographs babies without diapers on those blankets, backdrops and wraps need to be washed each and every time. because I’m here to tell you babies are messy and naked babies are extra messy, cute as those naked bums are 😉 Also, in case you are wondering if it doesn’t make it through the wash in my newborn studio I just toss it. Not only that, I even wash the little felt rainbows from this rainbow baby session! 

Rainbow Baby Interview With Her Momma:

  • I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises along the way?
    This is my rainbow baby (it’s a girl) after a miscarriage in May 2020.
  • What do you like to imagine for your child’s future? Tell me all your dreams for baby.
    Happy, healthy, well-mannered, well-rounded, and all the photos of her we can handle!
  • What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?
    How very much in love I am with her already. I have prayed for this child for many years.
  • Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family right now?
    Precious and irreplaceable memories in the years to come.


And because you are checking out this newborn blog, I thought you might also like a good birth story. All expecting moms like happy ending birth stories (or is that just me?) Anyhow check out Murphy’s story here. 

Ready to book your newborn portrait session? Give me a call 803-336-5125 or head over to the contact form

Fort Mill SC Newborn Photographer | New Baby Wyatt



Tell us about the first moments with your new baby?

I don’t know how to describe it other than indescribable. I was so overwhelmed with love for him and love for my husband as I watched him become a father. It’s a surreal experience seeing the product of months of pregnancy and in that moment every expectation and hope you have is surpassed.

New Baby Wyatt, album page, newborn, Fort Mill SC, Charlotte NC New Baby Wyatt, album page, newborn, Fort Mill SC, Marvin NCAny surprises in labor and delivery? Anything you didn’t expect?

Well, I was induced at 37 weeks, spent 3 days in labor and it ended in an emergency C section so that was a surprise. Wyatt’s heart rate kept dropping and there was some concern, but luckily the cord was not wrapped and he was healthy.

What’s the best part of being a new mom?

Getting to love on your new baby

New Baby Wyatt, album page, newborn, Fort Mill SC, Rock Hill SCWhat’s the hardest part of life with a new baby?

Definitely the lack of sleep. Your whole world turns upside down in moments and you just have to find that new normal.


What surprises has this month brought you with your new babe?

Mainly how natural this whole parenting thing has come. You really don’t know what you are doing but somehow you just figure it out.

Waiting for your own new baby to arrive? Check out these Folio Boxes!

Thinking about what to order for your newborn session. This momma chose an album of course, but what if you aren’t into albums for your new baby? Check out this alternative folio boxes. My friend Tasha made a great post about them read it here

I love folio box for parents who want multiple images but don’t want an album or a wall collage. These are also perfect for small spaces, perfect for a book shelf display, a coffee table display or for moms of multiples who need to keep portraits out of reach of wild toddlers 😉 Let me know what you think of these.



Charlotte Newborn Photographer Little Love Stories: Kelly & Alyssa Dream Baby

Dream Baby, newborn girl, pink, Indian Land sc, Marvin NC, Pineville NC

Interview Before Her Dream Baby Arrived

Tell me your family story!

  • We were surprised to find out we were expecting but are patiently awaiting the arrival of our sweet princess. Earlier this year our three year old told us she met her sister in her dream but she wasn’t real yet. She would not be real until later. About two months later I found out I was pregnant with a little girl.

Describe your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises (good or bad)?

  • The pregnancy overall was a surprise but thankfully we are both healthy. COVID has definitely changed things a lot and no one knows I’m pregnant except my immediate family.

What do you like to imagine for your child’s future? 

  • I know this little girl is going to be a light in this world because she has already been such a light during this dark year.

What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)? 

  • How much I adore her, how I didn’t plan for her but she is anything but an accident.

Finish this sentence. Motherhood is … 

  • You are beautiful and stronger than you even know

Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family?

  • They are so important to capture these moments in time.

Interview After Alyssa arrived

Tell us about the first moments with your baby?

  • Our first moments with Alyssa were so precious. After she was born they had to take her to NICU to monitor her so initially we could only see her for a second but I was just amazed at how beautiful and little she was. I just kept saying she looks just like me.

Any surprises in labor and delivery? Anything you didn’t expect?

  • The entire experience was very dramatic. I fainted after my anesthesia, Alyssa had turned unexpectedly and labor was delayed and she didn’t cry immediately. I just kept praying let my baby be ok. For our last child, she definitely had a very dramatic entrance.

What’s the best part of being a new mom?

  • The best part of this birth was just meeting the little person that kicked me for nine months. Also learning what people meant by not realizing how much this new addition completed our family.

What’s the hardest part?

  • Making sure everyone feels important and loved.

What surprises has this month brought you?

  • Just so much joy and excitement to a year that carried a lot of uncertainty and hardships.


Can you imagine a sweeter story of a dream baby? Me either, Are you expecting? I’d love to help you capture your dream baby’s newborn stage. I’m now booking newborn love stories sessions during the last trimester of pregnancy. If you are expecting a baby now is the time to get in touch. Drop me your contact information below



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Charlotte Baby Photographer Little Love Stories: Baby Kam is 2 months old

2 months old, mommy and me, baby boy, Charlotte, NC, Tega Cay, SC, Fort MIll, SC

Katie and Kameron Two Months Old

Congratulations Mom your baby is two months old. How are you feeling after this last month? Physically, emotionally or mentally. (remember there are no right or wrong answers)

  • We are starting to get the hang of his routine! Since he’s sleeping more we’re better rested physically. Now that we’re more confident as parents since we’ve learned his hunger/sleep/I want to play cues it’s easier to handle the ups and downs of the day.

What has been your favorite part of this month with baby?

  • How playful he’s getting and interacting with toys. He looks forward to tummy time and gets frustrated if we pick him up when he isn’t ready for it to be over.

What has been a struggle? Was it a surprise or expected?

  • His two month growth spurt was HORRIBLE. It was a surprise because out of nowhere our happy chill baby was gone. Nothing we did for three days could help console him. He spent a majority of the time swaddled, snuggled, sleeping or eating.

How has your relationship changed over the last few months?

  • Now that Kameron is older and able to go longer without naps and is sleeping better at night, we’re able to do things as a family or just the two of us a lot easier. When my husband gets off work it’s no longer “can you please hold the baby so I can shower/use the bathroom”. We also recognize the need for just the two of us date nights, so we decided we need to do something at least once a month baby-free.

What would you tell a brand new mom about the first months with baby?

  • Don’t be discouraged if something you figured out stops working. Babies change so much from week to week something they like/dislike one day could be the opposite the next. Also parental instincts are real. If you sense you should/shouldn’t do something follow your gut. You might be tempted to ask people but you’ll get 10 different opinions anyways 🙂


Curious about the little love stories series learn more here The little love stories series is a great way to celebrate your new baby and capture all those sweet moments during baby’s first year! We book little love stories session during the last trimester of pregnancy. If you are expecting a baby now is the time to get in touch. 


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