New Baby Boy Portraits Fort Mill, SC

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New Baby Boy

Baby J’s mom contacted me in response to a maternity model call. You may notice these are new baby photographs and not maternity ones. Poor mom sent me a message and not an hour later sent me a new one saying her doctor didn’t think she would make it to a photoshoot. Her doctor was right Sweet Baby Boy J was born the next day! 

Babies have a mind of their own even before they are born. If you are thinking about having maternity portraits created or maybe you know you should document your pregnancy in some way please, please, please don’t delay call me today and lets get you reserved on my calendar. And don’t forget to ask about your free belly cast as well.

Ok enough jabbering about maternity photos and let’s talk about this sweet new baby. Isn’t he just precious? He loved being swaddled, he was happy to be in his birthday suit and he had no problem being moved to the bowl either. Saying he was chill little man would be an understatement. 

And what about the wall collection I created for them? Don’t you just love it? That’s not their home of course. But I can create and show artwork on the walls in your home. Thanks to some pretty fancy software I can create mockups of your sweet new baby’s artwork on the walls in your home true to size. This makes your decision making process so much easier. No more trying to visualize what a canvas or framed portrait will look like in your living room. I can show you exactly how it will look. isn’t that amazing?

If you are expecting just give me a shout 704-313-5125 or send me a message and lets plan ahead before your sweet new baby arrives 



Fort Mill Newborn Baby Boy H

Fort Mill Newborn Baby Boy H, SC, Tega Cay, SC Charlotte,NC portraits

Fort Mill Newborn Baby Boy H

Baby H was dream to work with. His mom had been in not long before this newborn portrait session for her maternity portraits. You can check out a few of those here. Anyhoo, This little guy slept like angel for his newborn session. Don’t you just love his perfect little lips and his straight black hair.  Capturing those tiny little details for the family when baby is so new is just the best. I always hear from mom’s how fast they grow. It’s crazy by the time I get clients products in and delivered to them baby has already started to look different. Some times it’s that they look older and don’t have the peach fuzz they are born with anymore. Occasionally that new baby hair falls out and comes back a different color or texture. And some times it is hard to describe but man does it happen fast. 

Don’t delay schedule before baby arrives

That is why I always encourage my clients to call me while they are still pregnant. Once baby is here you get busy with friends and family coming to visit and doctors appointments etc. You don’t want to look at your sweet baby and wish you could go back in time to capture those first few weeks. It’s better to plan ahead then to wait and see. No one ever regrets having portraits made of their infant. You will only regret not having done them. 

If you live in or nearby Fort Mill and are expecting a newborn contact me and let’s chat about your portrait needs.


Genuine Family Portraits Denver, NC

Genuine Family Portraits Denver, NC wall art framed print portrait photograph photos pics picture
Genuine Family Portraits Denver, NC

When I first found out this gorgeous family was moving away I was sad and very surprised. They had a sweet baby boy and they were moving so far away. You know I get kind of attached to my tiny babies. Something about holding a newborn when they are only a few days old makes you want to protect them and watch them grow. Then when I found out he was having a little sister so very far away I was down right depressed. Momma was a stunner with her first pregnancy. Fast forward a short time and I get a phone call out of the blue. This beautiful family is moving back. And the first thing mom did after landing back in the area was call me for a family portrait session.

I am honored and humbled to be the first call and to be chosen as their family photographer! I was so excited to catch up with them and meet their sweet baby girl. And that precious baby boy has grown into a handsome little guy who loves cars, tractors, throwing rocks and playing bashful.

We had a great outdoor portrait session.

Below are a few ideas for wall collections I created for their inspiration gallery. The family image in that simple cream frame is just classic. “Your family is a work of art. Frame it!” Which option from these genuine family portraits speaks to you?

Newborn Sessions: Oliver 9 days old

Oliver 9 days old newborn sessions indoor baby portrait photo

Oliver 9 days old newborn sessions

Oh my sweet little Oliver. I remember this newborn session like it was yesterday. Nine days old is the perfect age for a newborn photography session because baby is getting real milk (if nursing) and not yet to the growth spurt day. Day ten is a growth spurt day and nursing moms may spend all day cluster feeding. (I probably blocked day ten from my memory on purpose) Oliver was nice and cozy this day.  Just look at those gorgeous rosy cheeks and full red lips. I took a ton of photographs at this session but these three images are my absolute favorites. I couldn’t decide if the last image was better in black and white or color. Comment below if you have a preference.

The why

The neutral tones and textures in this setup were just amazing. His dark hair was the perfect contrast to the light tones. Nine days postpartum was a good day for me. I had enough energy to actually set up a proper backdrop with beanbag for my sweet Oliver. My older son was away for the morning at summer camp and enjoying being with other kids his age. And my sweet baby slept peacefully for a good chunk of time. I love these images and I’m so glad I took the time to make them when my son was 9 days old. He has changed so much since those first few weeks and we can’t go back to that time but I can look at these photographs and remember when he was so tiny and new.



Nina’s newborn session

newborn session baby girl nina pink

Better late than never

Nina’s newborn session was a little while ago and I am again way behind on blogging. Oops. I would tell you how busy we are but everyone is busy these days. So lets skip the excuses and move on to the beautiful baby girl that is my niece. Nina came in to my studio with her whole family and her grandmother too. She has three older siblings. Plus my two kids were home so we sent the dads outside with the big kids and us moms got to spend some quality portrait session time with Nina in the mostly quiet. (for those of you who haven’t had a newborn portrait session with me before I keep the heater on, a sound machine for white noise and sometimes a radio for the adults. Babies actually sleep better with constant noise. And I knew it wasn’t quiet at Nina’s house)

Nina’s newborn portrait session

Nina’s newborn session went amazingly well. She slept like a newborn (took a break for food of course ). She didn’t seem to mind being changed or having hair bows put on. And she even gave me a couple sweet little smiles! I love the baby smiles don’t you? She is certainly a beautiful baby girl and I look forward to watching her grow into a beautiful adult. Congratulations again to her mom and dad!


Showing off their new baby sister

Showing off baby sister

Showing off their new baby sister

These kiddos were so excited when they heard they were going to have a new baby sister. Then of course there was the waiting and the planning. Deciding how to decorate her nursery. Her big sister had a lot to say about the room decorations. And of course with older siblings there was the searching for all the baby stuff that had been put away. New baby girl clothes, toys, bottles and the inevitable questions. What will she look like? What will she be like? Will she like us? How big will she be when she is born? Can we hold her right away? There is also some worrying. When will she arrive? Will she be healthy? Will she cry a lot? Will she play with my toys? That’s the funny thing about new babies. All those questions and concerns seem to disappear once the little one arrives. These big siblings were in awe of tiny little Nina. Here they are showing off their new baby sister. Congratulations to the whole family!


Skylar Rose 11 days new baby portraits

new baby portraits girl newborn tega cay, SC

Skylar Rose 11 days new baby portraits

Sweet Skylar Rose I wanted to keep her she is just perfect. I prefer to photograph my newborn babies right around 5-11 days old and sweet Skylar rose did not disappoint. She slept like a newborn and ate like a newborn (every few minutes ;) her poor mom) Man she has the most perfect complexion and the sweetest baby fat rolls, yum. This right here (see photos below) is the reason we moms have more than one child. Those sweet kissable lips and the teeny tiny toes. The soft, adorable, innocence of the newborn stage. Wow I might just have baby fever today but I could just eat her up.

I cannot wait to see this sweet baby and her family again. Congratulations again to Skylar Rose’s parents and older siblings on their new bundle of joy. Remember if you are expecting and are interested in new baby portraits please call me before your baby arrives. This ensures we get your baby photographed in the early newborn stage (between 4-14 days old) because babies change a ton the first few weeks of life. And don’t forget we love to capture your pregnancy as well!


3 month old twin baby portraits

3 month old twin baby portraits | Mooresville, NC

I photographed 3 month old twin baby portraits a while back and had a ton of fun with these two little ones. Twins are always so fascinating. How much will they look alike? How different will their personalities be? And at 3-months-old can I get them to smile at the same time? At this age getting one baby to smile is usually a guarantee but twins can take some jumping through hoops, especially when someone decides to take a nap. Their parents and grandmother accompanied them for their 3-month-old twin portraits. And thank goodness because their grandmother was just magic. Just look at the way he looks up at her! Can you feel the love between them?

I can see these two are going to be like peas and carrots and give everyone a run for their money. Look at the image of the two of them together it’s like they are preparing their first fist bump. I swear they said to each other “ok when its time for the family photos lets fall asleep” We couldn’t get them to stay awake so their grandmother just whispered in their ears and they were out like lights. It was truly magical to watch. You can see from these portraits they have one pretty proud papa too!