3 things you should know when booking a newborn photographer

  1. Firstly, does your photographer have safety training and lots of experience with newborns? Here is the hard truth: newborns aren’t intuitively easy to pose. It may look effortless on Instagram but in real life new babies are like all people they have opinions about what you do to them. Some babies love being on their belly others don’t.

    The question really is does your photographer know enough about babies and their cues to tell the difference? Does he or she know what poses are not safe to do with out a composite? (fyi a composite is where a photographer makes a beautiful image from 2 or more images in post-processing). For one thing this is the only way to create poses like the froggy or say one where you see an elephant holding a newborn. If your photographer is trying to do these things in one image with one hand run for the hills. That person is putting your child at risk of injury.
  2. Secondly does your photographer have examples of a full newborn session? Not just a few amazing images online. You want to know exactly what to expect from this person for your new baby. Seriously it’s just like when you were looking for a wedding photographer you wanted to see a full wedding album not just the Instagram highlight reel. Again if you want to have enough images of your new baby for a portrait album you need to know they can deliver enough beautiful portraits for your album. 
  3. And finally, does your photographer sanitize and wash everything your baby touches between sessions? This one gets me fired up. I am a card-carrying germaphobe. Because in a post covid world every newborn photographer needs to be washing all the blankets not just the machine washable ones. We don’t want to be sharing germs between babies, and I’m not just talking about viruses in the news. Without a doubt if your photographer photographs babies without diapers on those blankets, backdrops, and wraps need to be washed each and every time. Because I’m here to tell you babies are messy and naked babies are extra messy, cute as those naked bums are 😉

    Also, in case you are wondering if it doesn’t make it through the wash in my newborn studio I just toss it. Not only that, I even wash the little felt rainbows from this rainbow baby portraits session! 


 Rainbow Baby Portraits: Interview With Her Momma

  • I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey. Have you had any surprises along the way?
    This is my rainbow baby (it’s a girl) after a miscarriage in May 2020.
  • What do you like to imagine for your child’s future? Tell me all your dreams for baby.
    Happy, healthy, well-mannered, well-rounded, and all the photos of her we can handle!
  • What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?
    How very much in love I am with her already. I have prayed for this child for many years.
  • Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family right now?
    Precious and irreplaceable memories in the years to come.

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Fort Mill SC Miracle Rainbow Baby Portraits: 3 Things You Should Know When Booking A Newborn Photographer