What was it like navigating a pandemic pregnancy?

I found out I was pregnant right when everything began to shut down which was very hard for me.  My first OB appt to confirm mysweet newborn, Charlotte NC, Marvin NC pregnancy was over the phone which really messed with me. I was finally able to go in for my 12 week appt but my bf was not allowed to come in to see our baby on the screen. Due to COVID he is still unable to come to my appts and has only seen pictures of our child.  I had a minor scare with placenta previa but I was cleared after a few weeks.


What do you like to imagine for your child’s future?

I want my son to be great at whatever he wants to do.


What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?

I want him to know that I love him and I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet him.


new mom with smiling newborn baby, Charlotte NC Indian land, SC

Is there an encouraging message you would like to share with other mothers navigating their own pandemic pregnancy?

You can do this! Your body was made for this!


Why are beautiful photos important for you and your family?

This is my first child and I want to have beautiful memories of this experience.


After his arrival, can you share about your first moments with baby?

The first moments with Cameron were very precious. I didn’t cry or anything I just looked at the amazing little human we had created.


Any surprises in labor and delivery? Anything you didn’t expect?

Nothing went according to my birth plan due to my water breaking and only being 1cm dilated. They had to administer medication. Thisnew family, baby, Charlotte NC, Tega Cay, SC prohibited me from laboring in the tub at planned and I was unable to walk around because they were monitoring him. I ended up getting an epidural because I was hungry and tired but everything worked out.


What’s the best part of being a new mom?

The best part baby snuggles and knowing I get a chance to mold him into a great person

navigating a pandemic pregnancy, newborn with family, Fort Mill, SC, Clover SC navigating a pandemic pregnancy, newborn with family, Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte NC






What’s the hardest part?

The hardest part right now is breastfeeding.

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