If you’re an expecting mother, it’s time to cherish this exciting chapter of motherhood with a newborn photography session in Charlotte, NC. 

newborn boy portrait wrapped in white cloth created in Rock hill, SC

As you prepare for a newborn photography session with Insley Photography, allow me to quickly guide you through what you can expect. I’ll share everything from the essentials of what to bring to the meticulous planning process.

Complimentary Consultation

Our journey begins with a planning consultation. This is a complimentary step to ensure that your session is perfect.

mother and newborn photography session in Charlotte NC

During this personalized planning consultation, we dive into your preferred style, color palette, family dynamics, and any specific experiences you’d like to incorporate. This collaborative process ensures a session that reflects the distinct narrative of your family’s journey and to dive deep into your vision.

Session Duration

How long do newborn photography sessions last?

Most newborn photography sessions usually take about 2 to 3 hours. This time frame allows for the unpredictability of newborns, allowing moments of feeding, soothing, and capturing the adorable sleepy moments. 

This relaxed approach ensures a stress-free experience for both you and your precious newborn. We want to capture those magic moments, but keep Mama and Baby happy! 

southwest style newborn portrait with parents

What to Bring

Consider bringing the following essentials to your newborn photo shoot:

  • Extra milk, formula or breast milk, to maintain your baby’s serenity because modeling is hard work and your baby may want to eat sooner than you expect
  • Any comfort items such as a pacifier
  • An extra diaper or two, ensuring your baby’s comfort throughout the session
  • Cherished keepsakes that you envision incorporating into the portrait session

Access to a Variety of Outfits and Props

newborn portrait with baby wrapped in white and framed in Charlotte NC.

Every newborn session has access to our adorable outfits, props, wraps, and backdrops. Together, we’ll customize your session to suit your unique taste, whether you lean towards timeless classics or the latest trends.

Optimal Time Frame

It’s ideal to capture newborn perfection by scheduling your session between day 5 and 14. This sweet spot takes advantage of newborn sleepiness, allowing for poised and comfortable poses. 

This period of time allows us to freeze this precious moment in your baby’s early days, while still keeping them safe and happy. 

Black and white newborn and father portrait created at Insley Photography

What If We Miss the Ideal Time Frame?

People often ask me about timing for newborn photos. Whether your baby is a few days or a couple of weeks old, rest assured, I’ve got you covered. With over 17 years of experience, I can capture beautiful images at any age.

However, those classic curled-up newborn shots are best within the first two weeks. Beyond that, it’s not always feasible or safe. Take this adorable pose, for example.

While it’s undeniably cute, after day 12, it becomes challenging to achieve, and beyond 3 weeks, it’s not safe.

Harry Potter themed newborn portrait

Fun fact: This image is a composite of two shots for safety, ensuring our hands were always supporting the baby. Planning ahead is crucial for those adorable, posed portraits you’ll cherish.

Is Newborn Photography Safe?

Recently, I’ve noticed a common question circulating online, so I wanted to address it.

Newborn photography is indeed safe with me. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in posed newborn portraiture not just for aesthetics but for safety too.

Through extensive in-person and online training, I’ve learned to ensure the safety of every baby in my studio. Newborns are delicate yet surprisingly flexible, and understanding their cues is crucial. From cries to squirms, they communicate comfort levels, and it’s my priority to listen and respond accordingly.

Check out my previous blog post for more insights on newborn safety in my studio.

infant portrait with stuffed baby owl

Newborn Photography Session in Charlotte – Make Your Reservation

Secure your spot now for a timeless newborn session!

Due dates are reserved months ahead, and with limited spots monthly, act fast to capture those precious early moments.

Contact me soon to book your family’s unique session.


What to Expect at Your Newborn Photography Session in Charlotte, NC