Tristan fancy fella from London

7 months old boy

Tristan 7 months old

Came to see me all the way from London 😉 No, Not really he came to see his Grandma and Auntie and cousins. But I did get to spend a few hours catching up with his dear Mum and making him smile. His mum and I try to catch up whenever she visits. So when she asked if I could squeeze in a portrait session of her newest baby I was honored. I had to do some of Mum and baby Tristan together as well. I can’t believe he is 7 months old already, time sure flies during baby’s first year doesn’t it? Thanks for bringing in your fancy fella momma. 


Baby Dominic 4 days new

Baby Max 4 days new color blue boy

Baby Dominic 4 days new

Baby Dominic I was super excited when I first heard your mom was expecting. Having a friend expecting at the same time as you is great because you have someone to share all the good things and also some of the not so fun stuff with too. Already being in love with big brother Vince, I knew little Dominic would be just as much fun. I did not realize until meeting him that he would be the spitting image of his big brother. These two are obviously brothers. Having two very handsome little guys in my home studio was a dream.

Baby Dominic was the perfect newborn baby model as you can see below. He slept almost the whole portrait session. Such a sweet and handsome little one. I cannot wait to see him again. Congratulations again Emily and Matt you have a beautiful baby boy.



Liam 10 days new a beautiful baby boy

Liam 10 days new newborn beautiful baby boy baby boy black and white model call

Liam 10 days new

Oh baby Liam I was waiting for you to arrive with bated breath. I had a feeling you would be a beautiful baby boy and I was so right. This little one was a dream to work with. Thank you to his parents for working with my schedule and bringing him out to our little home studio.

It was obvious to me that little Liam will be loved and cherished by his family. And anyone who sees these family images can see it too. Congratulations to his mom and dad. He is such a beautiful baby boy. I cannot wait to see him grow over this next year.


It’s a boy! | My Gender Reveal

It's a Boy

Can you all believe this crazy snow storm that just came through? This is still North Carolina right? Having a helper snowed in at our home, I had time to create this adorable gender reveal series. My son even cooperated for the most part 😉 I am really excited to announce to the world we will be having a boy in early June. Our son is really thrilled to be having a little brother and I think he will be an awesome big brother. Of course there will be more pregnancy self portraits coming soon. Have a great Monday!





My First Maternity Self Portrait Charlotte Maternity Photographer

Maternity self portrait black and white


My first maternity self portrait

For those of you who regularly read my blog ramblings you know that I never had my pregnancy photographs taken with my first child. I had a photographer hired and ready to take my portraits originally at 32 weeks. She ended up having a conflict and was unable to reschedule until I would have been 36 weeks. Ordinarily with a first time mom this would not have been a problem, as many first time moms actually deliver after their due date. However our dear son had other plans in mind.

We lovingly refer to him today as our early bird 😉 He arrived at 35 weeks and a few days. And the only pregnancy photograph I have from his time were taken at my baby shower. Let me just say that not having a full length mirror at home was a terrible mistake for my non-fashion conscious self. No one will see those photographs but my kiddos. This self portrait will hopefully be my first of several maternity self portraits. I have grand plans to take many. I will also be hiring a maternity photographer to photograph the whole family well in advance of this child’s arrival.

Technical details

For those that are interested in how I accomplished this maternity self portrait. I have a large sliding glass door in my home studio space. I covered the doors with sheer white curtains and played with my camera settings until I was happy with the results. Landing on an aperture setting of f/4.5 and exposing at 1/100 of a second. Then I set up my tripod and set my camera to self timer.

I really do love technology. It took a few takes to get my pose and place set be myself. After I had all the images I thought I would need I edited them to black and white in Adobe Lightroom. I think they turned out alright for my first try. I did decide I need a new dress or two for my later photographs. If anyone has any recommendations on where to find beautiful maternity dresses please send them along. Thanks for letting me share.


 Maternity self portrait black and white

Before and After: Charlotte NC Maternity Portrait Photographer

maternity portrait session fine art black & white

Before : a maternity portrait session

Miss A called me just before her son was due to arrive. She said “I just came across this Before and After image of a pregnant mom and then the same mom with her baby. She of course included an image example. Any chance we can do this before he arrives?” having already photographed miss A’s maternity session very early in her pregnancy I said of course I can. So without further ado here are some of her Before images from this second maternity portrait session.

There will be more to come from this family in the next week or so. Miss A delivered a beautiful baby boy the following day. I cannot wait to meet him and of course take his first professional baby portraits. I just loved this idea for a before and after composite and the final product should be just as beautiful as these before portraits did.

Please don’t wait until 40 weeks

Just a word of caution while we are on the topic of maternity portraits. Please don’t wait until the last minute to contact your maternity portrait photographer. You could miss your chance just like I did with my first pregnancy.  It’s best to contact your maternity photographer during your second trimester. Maternity portraits are best created between 28-32 weeks

Also if you have ideas about your final images please don’t hesitate to share your ideas. As an artist I love to be inspired and to know what you love too. stay tuned.