Baby N one year old plus cake smash sort of

Nina 1 year old plus cake smash sort of

Oh my goodness we had such a good time during Ms N’s One Year session plus cake smash sort of. She is just such a cutie that I can’t hardly stand it. Those sweet curls and that big old smile. I couldn’t get over how much she had grown since her 9 month session. You just can’t be sad with Ms N in the house! 

But you know when you get so excited about a plan for your little ones and then they have other plans? Oh yes all the moms know what I’m talking about! I was so looking forward to our cake smash at the end of her one year session. As it turns out Ms N is not a fan of cake. Who could have guessed? She wanted absolutely nothing to do with that pretty pink squishy frosting. And the cake she wasn’t even a bit curious about tasting that either. Even when we got her big sister in on the fun, nothing! She just wanted to go play with her cousins and the toys. And so we got big old crocodile tears, which I think are just part of the first year right. And super adorable, but not exactly what we had envisioned in our minds for her cake smash portrait session. Rolling with the whims of your littles is part of my job and when the littles are this cute, man I love this job. What’s your favorite from this session those sweet smiles or those sad yet adorable crocodile tears?


DIY clothing rack Tega Cay, SC

DIY clothing rack Coat rack industrial pipes pink rose gold Fort Mill, SC Tega Cay, SC Charlotte, NC

DIY Clothing Rack

As most of you know I have been dreaming about having a separate studio space for photography for years. When we decided to move closer to my dear husband’s job that was a must for the new house. Our new home had a beautiful bright orange office that was almost perfect for my studio. The first thing we did was paint the walls white! I loved the orange but orange baby skin wasn’t gonna work for my clients ha! Then began the task of mentally organizing the space so that I could use and furnish it the right way. I decided we needed a clothing rack to hang the baby blankets, backdrops and props. This makes everything nice and easy to find while also minimizing wrinkles. No more bins for this baby photographer (insert happy dance).

So of course I tried to be frugal at first and bought a nice white one from Walmart. FAIL the thing buckled under the weight of about half my blankets. Then I went back to Pinterest and quite literally the drawing board. After talking it over with my handy DH we decided to DIY and build one. Then he made me draw it out with specs and everything. Wish I had taken a picture for everyone’s amusement. (My drawing ability is nonexistent)

Man did my husband do a great job. It turned out beautiful. It is super sturdy and should last for a long long time. Now everything has it’s place in the clothing rack, no more wrinkles, no more digging for the one I want and It looks great too. Below are a few images of the building process and final DIY clothing rack put together. Thanks again Jeff.



Nina’s newborn session

newborn session baby girl nina pink


Nina’s newborn session: Nina came in to my studio with her whole family and her grandmother too. She has three older siblings. Plus my two kids were home so we sent the dads outside with the big kids and us moms got to spend some quality portrait session time with Nina in the mostly quiet. (for those of you who haven’t had a newborn portrait session with me before I keep the heater on, a sound machine for white noise and sometimes a radio for the adults. Babies actually sleep better with constant noise. And I knew it wasn’t quiet at Nina’s house)

Nina’s newborn portrait session

Nina’s newborn session went amazingly well. She slept like a newborn (took a break for food of course ). She didn’t seem to mind being changed or having hair bows put on. And she even gave me a couple sweet little smiles! I love the baby smiles don’t you? She is certainly a beautiful baby girl and I look forward to watching her grow into a beautiful adult. Congratulations again to her mom and dad!


Skylar Rose 11 days new baby portraits

new baby portraits girl newborn tega cay, SC

Skylar Rose 11 days new baby portraits

Sweet Skylar Rose I wanted to keep her she is just perfect. I prefer to photograph my newborn babies right around 5-11 days old and sweet Skylar rose did not disappoint. She slept like a newborn and ate like a newborn (every few minutes ;) her poor mom) Man she has the most perfect complexion and the sweetest baby fat rolls, yum. This right here (see photos below) is the reason we moms have more than one child. Those sweet kissable lips and the teeny tiny toes. The soft, adorable, innocence of the newborn stage. Wow I might just have baby fever today but I could just eat her up.

I cannot wait to see this sweet baby and her family again. Congratulations again to Skylar Rose’s parents and older siblings on their new bundle of joy. Remember if you are expecting and are interested in new baby portraits please call me before your baby arrives. This ensures we get your baby photographed in the early newborn stage (between 4-14 days old) because babies change a ton the first few weeks of life. And don’t forget we love to capture your pregnancy as well!