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Photographing baby’s first year

What’s better than photographing a newborn? Having the honor of photographing her throughout her first year of life. Photographing baby’s first year is a wild ride watching them grow and learn, seeing those little personalities emerge. It’s such a cool experience for me and for mom and dad also. At no other time during life do we grow and change so much in such a short time. 

baby's first year, cake smash, fort mIll scInterview with Mom:

What has been your favorite part of your baby’s first year?

My favorite part has been the cuddles. She now shows affection and it’s the best.

Tell us about your baby girl, what’s her personality like so far? What’s she up to at this stage? 

Her personality is kind of all over the place. She’s such a calm kid but when she wants something she demands it right then and there.

How has motherhood changed you over baby’s first year ? 

Motherhood hasn’t changed me much. I still like to stay home and still like to go to bed early

In what ways do you think she is like you? And what about your partner?

Everything! The way she side eyes, demanding, she’s also laid back and silly.

What was the most useful baby product you loved?

Kangaroo pouch! When I need to get things done and all she wants is to be held I just put her on and do what I have to do

What was the least useful baby product you tried?

Socks! She will not keep them on…

Any advice for fellow moms or moms to be? What is the best advice you have received on your motherhood journey?

Don’t worry so much! Your baby develops in their own way. Only read the books so you know what to expect and take them with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own opinions on how children should grow just have yours.

How are you feeling about the little love stories journey over her first year? The one year baby plan portrait process? Anything I can do to change or improve the experience?

parker turns one, cake smash, tega cay sc, babys first yearLove it! Have for sure been the best experience. I look back and am so happy we did this!

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