Charlotte NC Newborn Photographer | Just relax and enjoy this special time

Now I know you are thinking what is she talking about just show up and relax? Im talking about newborn portrait sessions. Moms tell me all the time that they didn’t do newborn portraits because they just kept putting it off or thought it was gonna be a ton of work. I’m here to bust that myth today. I make it easy for moms. All you have to do for great newborn portrait sessions are come with baby and relax.

Ok, ok I know you are saying it can’t be that easy.

And you are right there are a few things we need to discuss before it can be that easy. The day of your session though it really is that easy. Get up, grab baby (maybe feed baby) and then head over. I can literally take care of the rest food, coffee, hair and makeup (ok that’s my awesome make-up artist queens), baby whispering we’ve got all that covered!

Ok so now your asking what do I need to do before the portrait day?

It’s really pretty simple. We have a conversation where I ask a bunch of questions to find out what you really want your portraits to look like, feel like and what medium you will want them displayed in the future. If you choose a home visit I can come and make suggestions for wall art locations, style to fit your home. Portrait needs check

I even help with clothing, color choices and send you a style guide before your session.

If you want to work with a stylist I can arrange for one to come visit your closets. She will help you pick the family’s portrait day outfits. Speaking of clothing we have a closet full of gowns for moms to feel glamorous and not have to buy a dress. How’s that for easy? Clothing check

Spouse and kids, I know you have concerns

I know poor husbands get a bad rap, it’s not their fault really they are trained to act foolish about emotional stuff. Let’s be real portraits are full of emotions and feelings. But don’t fret I’ve got a few tricks in my arsenal for your spouse if they aren’t into long portrait sessions. Most adults can be reasoned with and if that doesn’t work I can always act like a bratty kid and get them laughing. Usually when I explain I need them to smile, participate and have fun for 20 minutes and then they can leave. They almost always agree.

Kids are a bit more complicated than I can explain in this post, but again trust me I’ve got tricks, jokes and last resorts a plenty. It all boils down to planning. I’m gonna ask questions about their ages, likes, personalities etc so I can be ready to get them to participate. Also for newborn sessions with siblings I always have a helper, they make great comedians, tickle monsters, and toddler chasers.

Have more specific questions?

Leave a comment, send me a message or just call 803-336-5125 and I’ve got an answer. Let’s collaborate and make your newborn portrait session perfect for your family. Let’s create a plan. So you can just show up and relax on your new baby’s portrait day.

When you tell the kids to scream! Snow Magic

When you tell the kids to scream! Snow Magic, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC

When you tell the kids to scream inside of a portrait studio what do you think their first instinct is? 

Did you guess scream? Did you guess hesitation? In my boys case it was hesitation. I’ve also had kids turn and look at me or just smile like crazy. Smiling like crazy is always good but in this case we also actually wanted the screaming. It’s so funny when you expect one reaction and get a different one. Kids are the best aren’t they?

What do you get when you add a couple of over dressed boys and a little digital magic?

A whole lotta fun! We live in South Carolina so creating a snow filled winter wonderland is never a promise I can make with Mother Nature in charge. If we get snow it won’t be for a while yet, and it’s never guaranteed. 2016’s big snow was about an inch and really not deep enough for any sledding. My little guy has been talking about when it snows and when the snow comes for months! So I thought why not create a magical winter wonderland portrait of my boys. And guess what they loved it. What do you think? Would your little ones just love seeing themselves in a Winter Wonderland? I’m planning for ours go over the fireplace for the Holiday season and maybe use this as our Holiday card as well. 

When you tell the kids to scream! Snow Magic, Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC

Would you like to create some Snow Magic for your kids? Contact me and we can have them screaming in no time! Seriously though let’s make some magic for your kids. 


803-336-5125 or to grab your Snow Magic Appointment before the end of November!

How talking about your family helps create amazing family portraits, Tega Cay, SC

Family Gallery Wall, Tega Cay, SC Portraits, Fort Mill, SC, Charlotte, NC

Family Wall Gallery

The C family came to see me for family portraits and asked me to create a family wall gallery series for their home. I love to help families prepare for their family portrait session. It’s so much fun to sit down usually with Mom and talk about their family dynamics. Who doesn’t love to talk about their kids, right! But why you may be asking do I want to know all about your family. Well so I can learn what makes them laugh, smile or what gets their attention. There is nothing better than making a little one smile and knowing the topics she cares about ahead of time makes it so much easier!

How to make it easy!

Can you imagine for instance if your little one is into my little pony and loves to read about horses? Now imagine we are in a portrait session and she and I are talking about ponies and how they love to run. Can’t you just see her face light up? Now lets think about this same scenario a little different. Say I didn’t ask those questions ahead of time and we are already in the studio trying to get this little one to smile. And all I keep talking about is Disney princesses. Well she could care less about Cinderella or Ariel,  see where this is going? While I have enough experience to try something different, if I know ahead of time what she’s into the process goes much faster and more smoothly. 

And even easier!

What else can make the process even easier you guessed it, didn’t you? Well if not here’s a hint. Knowing what dad is into? I mean come on if I’m all did you see the Panthers last Sunday and he’s a baseball fan I’ve lost him already. But if Dad likes to rebuild old cars and I can ask him about his latest project. You know I’m gonna get his best smile. So when you are ready for your next family portrait remember I’m gonna ask you all about what your family loves and the more you share the better the outcome!

Leave the C family some love in the comments.

You can see it in the photographs these girls were all about laughing and having a great time! Thanks again C family for letting me capture your little miracles and create your family wall gallery. 


Pregnancy portraits to Treasure

Pregnancy portraits to Treasure

This beautiful family came to see me while they were waiting for their darling baby girl to arrive. Mom had a few ideas for the baby announcement and dear son had a few ideas of his own so we went with it. What you cannot see in these images are the basketballs and fire trucks he wanted in every photograph. Sweet toddlers are very determined when it comes to sports they love and super heroes they idealize.

Back to the portraits

This sweet family came prepared for anything and even brought the awesome fire truck. The fire truck was so cool with a working bell and everything. I will not lie I kind of wanted to keep it 😉 But my favorite images are the ones I think they will forever treasure. The intimate black and whites portraits that capture that connection between mom and son are just beautiful. The portrait that shows the family waiting and preparing for a new addition are heartwarming. Those are the images that make my heart sing. These pregnancy portraits are the ones that the kids will look at as teenagers and think my mom and dad wanted me so badly you can see it here. My parents love me more than life itself. The beauty of a family waiting for baby gosh I tell you I love this job!



Genuine Family Portraits Charlotte, NC Family Photographer

Genuine Family Portraits 

When I first found out this gorgeous family was moving away I was sad and very surprised. They had a sweet baby boy and they were moving so far away. You know I get kind of attached to my tiny babies. Something about holding a newborn when they are only a few days old makes you want to protect them and watch them grow. Then when I found out he was having a little sister so very far away I was down right depressed. Momma was a stunner with her first pregnancy. Fast forward a short time and I get a phone call out of the blue. This beautiful family is moving back. And the first thing mom did after landing back in the area was call me for a family portrait session.

I am honored and humbled to be the first call and to be chosen as their family photographer! I was so excited to catch up with them and meet their sweet baby girl. And that precious baby boy has grown into a handsome little guy who loves cars, tractors, throwing rocks and playing bashful.

We had a great outdoor portrait session.

Below are a few ideas for wall collections I created for their inspiration gallery. The family image in that simple cream frame is just classic. “Your family is a work of art. Frame it!” Which option from these genuine family portraits speaks to you?

Sweet Siblings in Studio Fort Mill

Sweet siblings in Studio

These sweet siblings came to see me in my home studio forever ago and somehow I never got them on my blog. So sorry S & L. lets make up for that right now. This family was one of my first portrait clients back when I was just starting out. I believe the first portrait session we did together was a maternity session before S was born. Seems like yesterday I was a there home photographing his baby session. I still remember the Winnie the pooh nursery. I’m sure the kids don’t remember that but their parents always will. And I am so thankful that his parents gave me a chance as a photographer way back then. I know they have their own memories from the baby portraits but for me they are extra special. For S it was my chance to break out on my own and start Insley Photography. Then when L was first born she was one of my first newborn babies when I decided to specialize in newborns.

Now look at them both big kids in elementary school. These two sweet siblings are always full of smiles and laughter. They are also the best of friends. It is truly inspiring to watch these two interact. I predict these kids will be world leaders one day. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon.


Showing off their new baby sister

Showing off baby sister

Showing off their new baby sister

These kiddos were so excited when they heard they were going to have a new baby sister. Then of course there was the waiting and the planning. Deciding how to decorate her nursery. Her big sister had a lot to say about the room decorations. And of course with older siblings there was the searching for all the baby stuff that had been put away. New baby girl clothes, toys, bottles and the inevitable questions. What will she look like? What will she be like? Will she like us? How big will she be when she is born? Can we hold her right away? There is also some worrying. When will she arrive? Will she be healthy? Will she cry a lot? Will she play with my toys? That’s the funny thing about new babies. All those questions and concerns seem to disappear once the little one arrives. These big siblings were in awe of tiny little Nina. Here they are showing off their new baby sister. Congratulations to the whole family!


3 month old twin baby portraits

3 month old twin baby portraits | Mooresville, NC

I photographed 3 month old twin baby portraits a while back and had a ton of fun with these two little ones. Twins are always so fascinating. How much will they look alike? How different will their personalities be? And at 3-months-old can I get them to smile at the same time? At this age getting one baby to smile is usually a guarantee but twins can take some jumping through hoops, especially when someone decides to take a nap. Their parents and grandmother accompanied them for their 3-month-old twin portraits. And thank goodness because their grandmother was just magic. Just look at the way he looks up at her! Can you feel the love between them?

I can see these two are going to be like peas and carrots and give everyone a run for their money. Look at the image of the two of them together it’s like they are preparing their first fist bump. I swear they said to each other “ok when its time for the family photos lets fall asleep” We couldn’t get them to stay awake so their grandmother just whispered in their ears and they were out like lights. It was truly magical to watch. You can see from these portraits they have one pretty proud papa too!



baby girl: Peyton 2 weeks old

Peyton newborn baby girl pink

Our first newborn baby girl of 2015 came in to my home studio back in February. Little miss Peyton was just the sweetest little thing. I had the honor and privilege of photographing her big sister as a newborn as well. For a look back at big sis go here. Miss Peyton was just the perfect baby model. Which was lucky for us since her big sister is just under two years old. She slept right through the images with big sister and family portraits as well.  The knit firefighter outfit was just the perfect addition to her session, unbelievably cute if you ask me 😉 I won’t lie I wanted to keep her for just a little longer. Dressing up and snuggling with a sweet new baby girl, swoon. Just look at those tiny little baby lips, her cute little nose and those sweet cheeks. Man, I have the best job. Isn’t she just a doll baby?



It’s a boy! | Gender Reveal

It's a Boy

Can you all believe this crazy snow storm that just came through? This is still North Carolina right? Having a helper snowed in at our home, I had time to create this adorable gender reveal series. My son even cooperated for the most part 😉 I am really excited to announce to the world we will be having a boy in early June. Our son is really thrilled to be having a little brother and I think he will be an awesome big brother. Of course there will be more pregnancy self portraits coming soon. Have a great Monday!