Mom and Daughter Portraits, Fort Mill, SC

mom and daughter share joy Fort Mill, sc, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC

Do you want a pause button for your fast growing kiddo? Many people think I offer portrait services, but what I’m really giving you is a window back in time. You see, when you buy a photograph from me you get to stop time for a second and take that memory with you forever, and that, my friend, is priceless.

These are just awesome for mom and daughter. Imagine in ten years how much these will mean to mom! Imagine what these will mean to this little one in a few years. She will look back at these and see how much mom loved her and how much she loved her mom as a toddler.

Simple, classic mom and daughter portraits like these are treasured memories when this little girl is an adult. Mom of course will cherish these forever. And on the tough days these portraits will bring her so much joy. And isn’t that why we take family portraits in the first place.

Share Joy my friends!

One Year Cake Smash Portraits Tega Cay, SC

Fort Mill, SC, Tega Cay, SC, Charlotte, NC real kids baby one year studio portrait

Cake Smash Portraits

These fun themed first birthday sessions always turn out so adorable! I mean who doesn’t love a cute baby, a fancy pink outfit, pearls and a cake! It is truly a recipe for fun and over indulgence.

Birthday Buddies

This little lady and I just happened to share a birthday so of course when her mom mentioned a birthday session I was super excited. I don’t need cake or presents for my birthday just bring your babies over to the studio and let me create a magical portrait session for them! That is the perfect birthday present for yours truly. ;)  Continue reading “One Year Cake Smash Portraits Tega Cay, SC”

Baby N one year old plus cake smash sort of

Nina 1 year old plus cake smash sort of

Oh my goodness we had such a good time during Ms N’s One Year session plus cake smash sort of. She is just such a cutie that I can’t hardly stand it. Those sweet curls and that big old smile. I couldn’t get over how much she had grown since her 9 month session. You just can’t be sad with Ms N in the house! 

But you know when you get so excited about a plan for your little ones and then they have other plans? Oh yes all the moms know what I’m talking about! I was so looking forward to our cake smash at the end of her one year session. As it turns out Ms N is not a fan of cake. Who could have guessed? She wanted absolutely nothing to do with that pretty pink squishy frosting. And the cake she wasn’t even a bit curious about tasting that either. Even when we got her big sister in on the fun, nothing! She just wanted to go play with her cousins and the toys. And so we got big old crocodile tears, which I think are just part of the first year right. And super adorable, but not exactly what we had envisioned in our minds for her cake smash portrait session. Rolling with the whims of your littles is part of my job and when the littles are this cute, man I love this job. What’s your favorite from this session those sweet smiles or those sad yet adorable crocodile tears?


Holiday outfits by Grammy Tega Cay, SC

Holiday outfits by Grammy

Holiday Outfits by Grammy.

Just a few of the sweetest kids I know in their Holiday Outfits handmade by their Grammy. My mother in law is truly one of the most talented people I know. She has helped me make hair bows, head wraps, newborn pants and even a skirt all without a pattern for my clients. At least twice a year she also makes the girls (my beautiful nieces) handmade dresses. She makes all the boys bow ties, vests and of course super hero themed pajamas (not pictured but take my word for it. they are very cute). Thank you Grammy for always making our kids feel extra special with personalized goodies.

I like these outfits in color don’t get me wrong. But these images in black and white just made the kids personalities shine. Just look at that cheesy grin on baby O and that I’m so over this look on big K.  Don’t you agree?


disclaimer: That last image is not in the holiday outfits by grammy that’s just me testing the light before hand but aren’t they the sweetest brothers?

Look who’s One year old!

One year old! baby girl

Look who’s one year old! I know it was a little while ago that she turned one. Sorry miss E this photographer has been busy playing mommy. However late I still feel like she deserves a blog post for such a fun cake smash birthday session. Miss E is such a beautiful baby and that playful smile gets me every time. Can you even believe her blue eyes are real? I promise no eye color enhancements or even extra blue were added here, this is au natural. I have really enjoyed watching her grow over the last year, best part of my job. Seeing those little personalities develop is just amazing.

Miss E always looks portrait ready. Her mom does a wonderful job with styling. That dress is perfect and those tiny little shoes are just adorable. Mom even made her beautiful cake. What more could a One year old ask for? Thanks again to mom for bringing her out to my home studio. I can’t wait to see how this wall collage looks hanging in her room! Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl.

For a look back here is her newborn session


National Cousins Day -Fine Art Photography

Black and White Portraits siblings children handsome boy

Today is National Cousins Day which makes it a good day for fine art photography.

Well I thought it was a good time to show you all the finished cousins wall in our home. I know you guys have seen these images throughout the last few months as I created them. Here is the final product. After repainting and redecorating our home studio shooting room.  I created these fine art black and white images of my kiddo and all his cousins. Now we are finally ready for the big reveal. I am so excited to finally have this project completely and properly displayed on our walls. These fine art photography images are printed on fuji’s professional photographic paper at the lab, sprayed for their protection and then mounted on what we call standouts. They come ready to hang on the wall, which everyone loves! And Standouts are significantly less expensive than a fine art canvas portrait. While I love a Canvas portrait for this particular project I wanted something clean and modern looking. I think the standouts fit the bill. This clean, modern look really helps the images themselves standout. Thanks so much for reading our blog and Happy National Cousins day.



One year old Baby Harper

one year old baby girl close up smiling

One year old Baby Harper

Wow I cannot believe Miss Harper is already one year old. It seems like just yesterday I got the call from her mom that she had arrived. Here is a look back at her newborn session. She was a beautiful baby who has grown into an adorable toddler. Miss Harper was all smiles for me at the park. We met out at the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens for her One year old portrait session. I just love this garden. It covers a large area but there is always something blooming and the water feature is just beautiful year round.

The end of the first year with my baby planners is bitter sweet. I enjoy seeing them every few months and capturing all the stages in the first year. As a mom I know it is amazing to watch them grow and change. I also know that life doesn’t slow down once they start walking. Congratulations to Mom and Dad as well that first year is a big milestone for the whole family.