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Above is a newborn portrait of sweet miss Carli from my newborn posing safety workshop I attended this past weekend. She was a doll to work with and her parents were really great for bringing her in after the ice storm the night before.

Learning to safely pose new babies…

became a top priority for me once I decided to specialize in newborn photography. Posed newborn portraits have become very popular as of late and I quickly learned with my new baby posing him was not as easy as it looks on Pinterest.  After doing a little research and taking my first live newborn class I found out just how unsafe some posing could be if done incorrectly. I’ve made it my mission to learn the right way to pose your infant while keeping them safe at all times. 

The unexpected part of the class was…

learning more about babies and what happens during birth. For example I found out which in hindsight seems obvious that babies can have a preference of one side or the other because of bruising or trauma from delivery. And some poses they just won’t like for the same reason. Another a ha moment for me was learning that you can actually tell when a baby is dreaming? Pretty cool right, having this information is great because it tells me what stage of sleep baby is in and when is better to begin posing or wait. Hint the dreaming stage is very close to the conscious stage so we wait for this stage to end. My mind was totally blown babies are really amazing. 

Below is the link to our posing safety recent press release.

They include information about the Making Memories Newborn workshop that I attended.

NC Headlines – Alicia Insley Smith of  Insley Photography completes Newborn Posing Workshop for infant safety

NC Headlines – Insley Photography Newborn Posing Workshop

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