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3 years old and counting

My sweet niece was in town last week and I had to photograph her for my black-and-white fine art wall project! I only have two of my son’s cousins to add before our wall is complete. Big sister if you are reading this, that mean your kiddos are the only ones still needed for the project.

Sweet miss Ava was just a ham for our short mini-session last week. I just adore her spirit. She is the poster child for sweet and sassy 3-year-old girls. We loved having her visit and hate that she lives so far away. The black and white version is my favorite and will be going in the wall project. I can’t wait to show you all the final pieces. I just love decorating our home with fine art wall portraits.

The color-toned pop art image was something fun I had to try after all the fun faces she made. This is a recreation in the Andy Warhol style of Pop art. This is obviously a toned-down version more appropriate for a 3-year-old girl. What do you guys think of this take on the many faces of Ava?



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