Capturing the Beauty of Motherhood With A Sentimental Pregnancy Gift

As a maternity photographer, I recently had the pleasure of meeting beautiful mom-to-be Ana who shared her love of family with me. Working with her to create a collection of stunning maternity portraits that captured her personality and unique style was such a joy.

maternity portrait for a sentimental pregnancy gift

At my Charlotte Maternity Photography business, I believe every woman’s pregnancy journey is special and deserves celebrating.

That’s why I take the time to get to know my clients and understand what makes them unique. Mom-to-be Ana was no exception, and I loved hearing all about her passions and interests.

We began the session with some classic pregnancy poses, showcasing her beautiful belly and the love she already has for her unborn child. Then, we incorporated her personal items into the shoot. She brought in a beautiful Italian bell necklace that was a gift given to her recently. We captured some adorable shots of her wearing the beautiful piece. It creates a soft, magical sound when shaken. 

I did a little research since she told me it was a traditional gift in Italy (I’m also interested in what other cultures do during pregnancy). The charm known as an Angel caller. According to Google, Italians know the angel caller pendant for its religious value, which they attach to the protection of guardian angels.

Often given to expectant mothers to protect their babies. People also call it a chime pendant because of its harmonious sound. That’s so neat! What an amazing sentimental pregnancy gift.

Capturing the Beauty of Motherhood With A Sentimental Pregnancy Gift

One clear thing from our conversation was how important family is to her.

She shared how she hopes to create fun family memories for her own child very soon. I knew that I had to incorporate this sentiment into her maternity photos.

We also plan to incorporate her love of coffee into the newborn session. We will do this with personalized props that hold a special place in her heart. Stay tuned for those ;). I love how this will add a personal touch to the portrait session and make them even more meaningful.

a Sentimental Pregnancy Gift in Fort Mill, SC

As a Charlotte Maternity Photographer, I always strive to create a personalized and unforgettable experience for my clients. By listening to their stories and understanding what makes them unique, I can capture their essence in a way that truly reflects who they are. If you’re looking for a maternity photographer who will take the time to get to know you and create a one-of-a-kind experience. Contact me – 803-336-5125.

Tell me in the comments below. Did you receive a sentimental pregnancy gift while waiting for your newborn baby to arrive?

The question I’m asked most often is what month should I create my Maternity photos?

I always recommend capturing these between 28-34 weeks for first time moms, roughly 7-8 months along.


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