Diamond and Kasady: Glowing with Joy


Our first celebrating motherhood portrait session is ready for you all to see! I’m so excited to be able to share these darling Portraits of expecting Mom Diamond and her sweet daughter Kasady. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special time for you both! insley_photography website:insleyphoto.com email: alicia@insleyphoto.com (803)-336-5125 #insleyphotography #fortmillmaternityphotographer #charlottenc #motherhoodrising #motherhood #queencity #charlottematernityphotographer

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TikTok of our session with behind-the-scenes clips

This photoshoot is filled with joy and love as the mother and daughter posed for the camera, showcasing their undeniable bond. It was a beautiful reminder of the incredible strength and beauty of motherhood.

The Celebrating Motherhood Maternity Project is officially in full swing.

I had the privilege of capturing an expecting mom and her 3-year-old daughter at this fun mom and daughter photoshoot. Mom is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby girl in late March, she is thrilled to have documented this special moment in time. The love between this mother and daughter is undeniable.

As soon as they arrived, little Kasady was eager to explore the studio and see what was in store for the day. She was clearly excited to be there with her mommy and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. This girl loves to dance, play pretend and be in every experience.

Mom was glowing with joy and anticipation, expecting mom studio portrait from Insley Photography for this Charlotte NC mom, glowing with joy

radiating a beautiful energy that was contagious. She was excited to capture this special moment in time and create memories that will last a lifetime. Treasured keepsakes like pregnancy mom and daughter sessions become even more valuable over the years.

Before the photography began we started with hair and makeup for Mom to be provided my @GlamByAndreea https://www.instagram.com/glambyandreea/

As the photoshoot began, little Kasady giggling with delight. I tried to captured every precious moment, from the little girl’s cheeky grin to the mom’s serene smile.

The love between mother and daughter was evident, as they held hands, cuddled, and laughed at Kasady’s unending energy. Mom to be was glowing and proud of her growing belly excitedly sharing this special time with her daughter.

Now her photos are a stunning tribute to the beauty and power of motherhood. My goal is always to capture the joy, excitement, and love that mom and daughter share, and they are treasured for years to come.

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portrait of glowing expectant mother to be in Charlotte, NC

Why do women glow when they are pregnant?

According to my quick google search “All those extra hormones swirling around during pregnancy – namely estrogen, progesterone, and hCG – can give your skin a flushed-face look, which contributes to the glow.” How cool is that fun fact!

3 year old girl portrait with lollipop!
big sister


Mom and Daughter Photoshoot