Beach Maternity Portraits

beach maternity portraits color environmental pregnant momma photos

Maternity portraits at the beach

So I had the idea for this environmental maternity portrait session at the beach before she was even expecting. I told my dear friend Jen that if she was to have another little one we needed to get an awesome dress and photograph her at the beach. She had just had a little miracle baby girl at the time and thought for sure her pregnancy days were behind her. When she called and told me she was expecting again I asked what color I should order the dress in. I was not going to wait too late or let her change her mind. It wasn’t until later we realized her perfect pregnancy portrait opportunity window fell in the dead of winter.  We planned this beach maternity portraits session for late February as late as we were comfortable waiting.

Baby it’s cold outside

I know she loves me because she was very pregnant and very very cold. I mean she was all in too and I love her for it. She had hair and makeup done that morning. I think it is important for all moms to be pampered and feeling their most beautiful before a maternity session. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I think she always looks beautiful.  It was so amazing to hear how these images made her feel that beauty after she saw the proofs. I love being able to capture life’s miracles for my clients and friends. Showing them how beautiful they are during these life changing times makes my job even more fulfilling.

The painted look

Two of these images, one from the beach and one of the wood scene I had digitally painted. When they are printed on watercolor paper or onto canvas they look just like a painting. I planned this portrait session with this painting art piece theme in mind. This is a new option for Insley Photography clients. I wanted to create dramatic images like these that will hang on my clients’ wall for years to come. This enhancement of my photographs will add to the look and feel of the photographic statement art pieces in your home.

Thank you again Jennifer for helping me bring my vision to reality and being such a trooper in the freezing cold temperatures. Love you girl.




Sunset Portraits | Cousins on the beach

Beach sunset Portraits cousins ocean isle nc dunes

Sunset Portraits

I spent last week in the company of these four awesome children. Yes they are all family so I am totally biased but you would love them all too! We spent the week at Ocean Isle Beach, NC with the whole extended family. It was total chaos with 19 people staying over throughout the week. And next year we will have three new additions. Yes my sister is expecting triplets. Can you guess how excited this baby photographer is? Super excited! But back to the big kids.

We did a quick portrait session on the beach just before sunset. I love this time of day and wish I could get more of my little guy but he is usually asleep by this time of night in the summer. I am sure other families have the same concern when scheduling sunset portrait sessions. The three older kids did great during our sunset session. My little maniac was just too busy cutting up to take a portrait while sitting. But at 2 and 1/2 I cannot expect him to be still or quiet. The fast shutter speed and fast lens are worth their weight in gold for a group portrait session like this. And really any portrait session that includes a toddler. For that age it’s all about being able to move and groove with their whims. Please enjoy the images below.