I turn forty in just over a week, and I want to celebrate the love and compassion I’ve been shown as an artist with some fun artist projects. So these are a double win, I get to feed my creative side and you get a great piece of artwork for your home. 

Project One: Fun Family Formal Portraits

Ok, this is one of those things I’ve always wanted to offer and never had the right models for the idea. I’m thinking Suits for the fellas, fancy dresses for the ladies, a simple, high end commercial feel for the lighting and final product. 

Have you always wanted to have that perfect fun family formal portrait for the den? Yes, let’s do this. Fill out the form below, and I will give you a call to get started.

Here is a Pinterest board I created as inspiration ideas

Check these out and see if this is something you would love

Are you thinking about wall art for your next family portrait session? Check out what my professional photographer friend Nani wrote about choosing the right-sized art piece for your space here!

-Thanks for sharing my fun birthday ideas



Charlotte NC Fun Family Formal Portraits: Announcing 1st ever Artist Project