Black and White Portraits

Black and White Portraits siblings children girl

Black and White Portraits are my first love where photography is concerned. I have always appreciated a good black and white image. I have been working on a fine art high contrast black and white project for my home. We recently redecorated a room in our home and these are the last two images for this project. The idea behind this personal project was to photograph all my nieces and nephews in the same style for the blank canvas that is our dining room wall. It was so fun to come up with an idea, create a visual template (thanks to my iPad app) and execute the project. While we are talking about the iPad app let me just say I love this thing. I can take a photo in any of my clients home’s or even upload an image from a cell phone snapshot and then show them exactly how my work will look in their home true to size. This app is the bees knees.

These two kiddos are just as sweet and as happy as they can be. My big sister is an amazing mom with two beautiful children. Thanks Shannon for allowing me to be a part of their lives. I loved creating their images for my personal black and white portraits project.

Siblings | W Family

Siblings | W Family • Insley Photography 3 kids


Oh my I love these three siblings so much. Little Z was not happy about us trying to get him to sit still at all. I think his mom was ready to pull out the duck tape or throw in the towel. I’m not sure which. Being that he’s only 18 months old I was not surprised. But we got a few good images of him hamming it up. Miss E is always the model in training. I still think that child will be famous one day but today she could easily be a kids clothing model. And big K-man he is always so nervous. He just want to be good at everything and please everyone. You can see it in the outtakes he is really thinking about smiling.  But just as soon as I get him distracted his beautiful smile is just killer. I could just eat him up with a spoon.

These siblings make being their Auntie a pure joy and I can’t wait to spend time with them again. Thanks again Carrie for being a great mommy and photography assistant.


3 years old and counting

3 year old girl portrait head shots black and white

3 years old and counting

My sweet niece was in town last week and I had to photograph her for my black and white fine art wall project! I only have two of my son’s cousins to add before our wall is complete. Big sister if your reading this, that mean your kiddos are the only ones still needed for the project.

Sweet miss Ava was just a ham for our short mini session last week. I just adore her spirit. She is the poster child for sweet and sassy 3 year old girls. We loved having her visit and hate that she lives so far away. The black and white version is my favorite and will be going in the wall project. I can’t wait to show you all the final piece. I just love decorating our home with fine art wall portraits.

The color toned pop art image was something fun I had to try after all the fun faces she made. This is a recreation in the Andy Warhol style of Pop art. This is obviously a toned down version more appropriate for a 3 year old girl. What do you guys think of this take on the many faces of Ava?





9 months and counting | Charlotte Baby Photographer

Sweet Miss H had her 9 month portrait session with me last week. I can’t believe how fast babies grow in that first year. I know I say it all the time but I am still just amazed to watch the progress. Miss H was just as cute as she could be. I can’t wait to see her again for the 1 year old session. I love seeing those tiny little teeth. Which image is your favorite?

Casting Call Model Newborn Baby One

Sweet Miss C was my first Casting Call baby. She was two weeks old the day I came to photograph her at her home. She was as adorable as they come. It took us a while to get her to sleep but it was worth the wait. Don’t you think? Such an angel with those gorgeous pink lips and perfect porcelain skin. I could just eat her up.

8 days new baby girl

Miss Ella was super alert when I arrived in Mooresville for her newborn portrait session. She was also very interested in her big brother. I love the image of her kissing his ear. I am not sure big brother was happy about that one, but he took it all in stride. Such a wonderful family to work with. I look forward to watching these guys grow up. Ella was a sweet angel in her wings ;)

Baby Girl Carli

Sweet and so adorable, Miss Carli was a dream to work with at our recent Making Memories Newborn Posing Workshop. Such sweet expressions from her kiss to that angelic smile. Thanks again to Tracy at Memories by TLC for teaching us all your tips and tricks for photographing these sweet new babies. Remember if your looking for a newborn photographer be sure to contact them before your baby arrives. Newborn portraits like these are best photographed before 10 days old.