Preparing for your Portrait Session

Preparing for your Portrait Session

  • Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled portrait session so that you can discuss specific poses and ideas with the photographer.
  • All portrait sessions require a release and liability form to be filled out prior to any photographs being taken. This can be completed online in advance of your session.

Choosing the Right Time

  • If you have children, plan your session during their happy time of day, after naps and feedings, so that he or she can enjoy the experience.

Before your Portrait Session

  • Make sure everyone gets a good night sleep before the session. Cranky children or spouses can make the difference between good and spectacular looking portraits.
  • Plan to have any haircuts 48 hours or more in advance so that hair will look more natural.
  • Make sure nails are trimmed and clean, many times in portraits hands are shown and sometimes feet.
  • If you or your child wakes up sick please call to reschedule your appointment. You will never be penalized for having to reschedule with us because someone is sick.

What to Expect

  • To have a fun, easy portrait experience.
  • Parents should try to stay calm, cool and relaxed, as it is much easier to get children to join in on the fun of being photographed. This is especially true for young babies. They tend to feed off of mom’s energy.
  • Do not coach your child or have them practice smiling or saying cheese. This encourages fake expressions and makes getting real smiles more difficult.
  • Sideline coaching is counter-productive. If you are not in the current portrait, stand or squat directly behind the photographer or out of view of the child. This prevents that beautiful smile from being photographed looking off camera.

What to Bring

  • Bring along all necessary items to help keep your child happy including diapers, wipes, snacks, favorite toys and blankets.
  • Bring along personal props such as costumes, hats, or toys that showcase your child’s personality and enhance your ideal portrait session.
  • Have any hair and makeup supplies available for quick touch-ups.

What to Wear

  • For family portraits, it’s best to dress everyone in the same style, color scheme or mood. Avoid stripes or patterns, as they will distract from the family relationships. Bring a variety of outfits and have everyone try them on before the session to ensure they look and feel good. Since some portraits may show from head to toe, make sure everyone wears matching shoes and socks or all plan to go barefoot.
  • My Pinterest page for what to wear for families because I like visual aids.

Above all, remember to have fun! This is why you are having portraits made in the first place. You want to show off your beautiful, happy family, so enjoy your time together.