Park Tour Post Heron Harbor Playground

Park Tour Post Heron Harbor Playground Tega Cay, SC

This little jewel has a special place in my mind since my husband and I joined our community in helping put this park together. If you live in Tega Cay you may or may not know that the city asks the neighbors to help whenever possible. And I know what some of you are thinking, “they let random people build the playground equipment?” Yes, they do but don’t worry we had supervision I promise. The city had 2 employees on hand at all times plus on the day of the build the mayor and the head of Tega Cay parks and recreation came out to help as well. While I know it’s a little thing but it was so much fun to help with the build for the Heron Harbor Playground.

As you might expect the men and women decided it best to divide and conquer by handling different jobs to get the playground all ready. This playground build was unique because there was an existing playground in this spot that greatly needed updating. The city came by before the build and took out the old play equipment so they had a blank slate inside the fence to work with. I’m not mechanically inclined so I helped with the grounds work. We spent almost all day trimming the surrounding bushes, shrubs and trees as well as cleaning up the surrounding space. It was great to see so many neighbors out helming the community.

This little neighborhood playground has two slides, a unique climbing feature between the two platforms, a bench for the parents and is fenced in. Heron Harbor Playground also has a small gravel parking lot.