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This mother and new baby portrait session from last week was magical. I blogged and sent out Facebook messages looking for a few newborn models. On a whim while setting up an appointment for Kari’s sweet little man K, I asked if she would be willing to model for me as well. I am so glad she agreed. She is just going to love these images of the two of them. Don’t you think?

Thank you Kari for bringing sweet baby K to be photographed and thank you so much for also modeling for me! I just love to photograph new moms with their sweet babies. I do not know why so many moms hesitate. Actually that’s a lie I know exactly what holds us back and moms.  But I’m here to tell you all those reasons in your head feel true. things like I’m carrying extra baby weight, or my hair isn’t perfect, or my skin is a mess from pregnancy. All of that might be true but you know what else is true?  You just cannot get this time in your baby’s life back.

No one ever says I wish I had not had mother and new baby portraits made.

Never! But I do often hear I wish I had photos when Sam was a newborn, I wish I had gotten in more photos with my kids. Or even worse I just wish I had one photograph of my mom when I was a baby. This one is almost always from adults. So let’s change this and not let your child grow up and think this.

If you love these images and know any moms-to-be send them my way. I am always looking for momma’s to be and new moms and I am always happy to photograph mother and child images during a newborn session too! Contact me here today!



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