Maternity Call

Needed One Hot Confident Momma to Be

For this Maternity Call I would like to photograph a few specific poses for my maternity portfolio. I am looking for very confident pregnant mammas who are willing to let me try some new ideas and in turn you get a free 11×14 maternity photo for your time! Maternity Casting Call sessions will be held throughout March –  June

Mamma Models should be:

  • at least 32 weeks pregnant at time of shoot.
  • fit, pre-pregnancy
- comfortable with posing nude or partially nude; think classic black and white portraiture with a boudoir flare (nothing tasteless or inappropriate)
  • willing to allow any and all images to be used to promote Insley Photography. Not all images will be anonymous (for example faces will be included but all names will be kept private).

No professional models needed! Photo session will take place at my home studio in Sherrill’s Ford. This will not be a full portrait session; the object of the session will be to achieve a certain pose for my website portfolio. If there is time after the particular image has been achieved, other images may be photographed (but additional poses are not guaranteed). Models must be willing to take suggestions for styling and clothing and in some cases clothing or wraps will be provided. There is no cost for this portrait session. The selected model will receive a free 11×14 print in exchange for her time. Other images may be purchased if desired.

If you would be interested, please follow this link to our special offers page. If you know someone who might be interested please send them my way. I look forward to meeting all the Mammas to be.




pregnant belly with baby ultrasound image maternity casting call