DIY clothing rack Tega Cay, SC

DIY Clothing Rack

As most of you know I have been dreaming about having a separate studio space for photography for years. When we decided to move closer to my dear husband’s job that was a must for the new house. Our new home had a beautiful bright orange office that was almost perfect for my studio. The first thing we did was paint the walls white! I loved the orange but orange baby skin wasn’t gonna work for my clients ha! Then began the task of mentally organizing the space so that I could use and furnish it the right way. I decided we needed a clothing rack to hang the baby blankets, backdrops and props. This makes everything nice and easy to find while also minimizing wrinkles. No more bins for this baby photographer (insert happy dance).

So of course I tried to be frugal at first and bought a nice white one from Walmart. FAIL the thing buckled under the weight of about half my blankets. Then I went back to Pinterest and quite literally the drawing board. After talking it over with my handy DH we decided to DIY and build one. Then he made me draw it out with specs and everything. Wish I had taken a picture for everyone’s amusement. (My drawing ability is nonexistent)

Man did my husband do a great job. It turned out beautiful. It is super sturdy and should last for a long long time. Now everything has it’s place in the clothing rack, no more wrinkles, no more digging for the one I want and It looks great too. Below are a few images of the building process and final DIY clothing rack put together. Thanks again Jeff.