Cake (smash) for mid morning Snack Charlotte Baby Photographer

How fun are these Cake (Smash) portraits with my little guy. In honor of him turning 1! I made him a batch of chocolate cupcakes and let him go to town dressed only in his diaper. He loved it! I love photographing cake smash pictures to celebrate the end of baby’s first year. Gosh they grow so fast. Little ones love to make a mess. Don’t forget to schedule a session time for your 1 year old’s cake (smash) portraits!

Celebrating the first year of life for your baby is also a great time to sit back and think of how much you’ve grown. Not just your baby. You as the mom. Think about it you have a baby and at the same time you become a mom. Your whole world changes and begins new. The first year is an amazing time of growth and learning for you as well. It’s a journey that deserves to be honored and celebrated.


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