Newborn Portrait Photography General Safety

I want to do something a little different tonight. I would like to talk a little about safety when it comes to babies and/or children and your photographer. I don’t know how many times I have been asked to put a child or baby in danger to get the perfect shot (according to a parent). In my humble opinion it is just a bad idea to put your child in danger for a photograph. That is why some genius invented photoshop. You should never put a baby up on something high off the ground. Or let a baby just learning to stand, hold on the something and let go of said baby just for a picture. They will inevitable fall and get hurt. I insist on safety in my home and on locations (even if it is your home) when it comes to my models. That is why I want to share a before and after sequence from a recent portrait session. This is Baby O, the first two images are straight out of the camera used to make the final edited image. Which I think is the only safe way to get the desired results of a sweet newborn holding up her head.


5 Days New | Cornelius Portrait Photographer

Baby Boy A was a joy to photograph. He did want to snack through the whole session. He must be growing! Baby A will be well cared for with an older brother and sister to lookout for him. Congratulations to his Mom and Dad you have a beautiful son. I love the buckeye hat mom had custom made for him. And grandma’s hand made baby cocoon was perfect for our newborn session.

Newborn Baby Poser

I am super excited I received our Newborn Baby Poser today! I can’t wait to try it out on a Newbie. Don’t forget if you want the cute, sweet sleepy baby portraits done of your new arrival they are best achieved before 2 weeks of age. If you are expecting be sure to make your appointment ahead of time. We can always modify your appointment date if your little has a mind of their own.


Fun with Ties

Here are just a few images from our impromptu session. We took these fun shots of 9 month old baby boy J with our new ties from Two L Creations. Thanks again Lori they turned out perfect. Having a photographer for a mom will certainly help J have a full baby book.