Sweet 6 month old baby boy from After Dark edu

After Dark Education was great. Here is another set of images also taught by Julie Klassmeyer. This handsome little guy is 6 months old and sitting up really well. He was a super ham and seemed to feed off of all the attention. It could have been because 98% of the students were women. Little boys this age seem to like to flirt ;)  Enjoy

After Dark Education

Wow guys I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at After Dark Education in Charlotte. It was amazing to spend three whole days with just photographers learning from the mentors and from the other students as well. I made many new friends and learned more than I could have imagined. Thank you to After Dark for putting on such an amazing workshop. Also many thanks to the University Hilton for being so hospitable. More than once I asked for things I forgot at home and the staff made sure I got what I needed. I will be posting a few images here as I get them edited. I photographed all the images I’ll show from After dark but I did not set up the backgrounds or lights. Thank you Julie Klaasmeyer! She is an amazing baby photographer and a wonderful teacher. Below are a few of the shots she set up. Julie set up this seen and posed this sweet baby girl. She didn’t seem to notice the 30+ photographers watching and photographing her. Maybe she’s a model in the making. The cute skirt and headband are from Design Revolution. They have the cutest props for baby girls.

Gavin’s Sweet Newborn Photos

Sweet 14 day old Gavin came in for his newborn portrait session. He woke up shortly after arriving. He was very alert for most of the shoot. Sweet newborns his age are sometimes hard to keep awake but not Gavin he was ready for his close up!

It is time again for holiday portrait sessions!

The temperatures are falling and the trees are showing their first signs of color changes. As you might have already seen the stores are beginning to put out their christmas decorations. So it is officially time to book your holiday portrait session. We have just over two months to get those sessions in. Any portrait session shot after November 30th will not be guaranteed ready before christmas. If you are planning to send the grandparents those framed prints now is the time to get your portraits done. If you want a new family portrait for the annual christmas cards don’t wait to make your appointment. The 2011 templates are already out. There are tons of options to choose from and I can always customize a card just for your family. Just to give you a little inspiration I have ordered our card with my son and here it is…

Olivia {15 days New} Newborn Photography Sherrills Ford

O! my goodness. Baby Olivia’s Newborn Session was so cute. She was not sure if she wanted to be awake or asleep for me that day. We talked her into sleeping at the end and they turned out beautifully. We also got some great shots of her with Mom & Dad awake. I could not have asked for a better baby model. Congratulations to Jesi & Ryan you have a beautiful baby girl!

Newborn Portrait Photography General Safety

I want to do something a little different tonight. I would like to talk a little about safety when it comes to babies and/or children and your photographer. I don’t know how many times I have been asked to put a child or baby in danger to get the perfect shot (according to a parent). In my humble opinion it is just a bad idea to put your child in danger for a photograph. That is why some genius invented photoshop. You should never put a baby up on something high off the ground. Or let a baby just learning to stand, hold on the something and let go of said baby just for a picture. They will inevitable fall and get hurt. I insist on safety in my home and on locations (even if it is your home) when it comes to my models. That is why I want to share a before and after sequence from a recent portrait session. This is Baby O, the first two images are straight out of the camera used to make the final edited image. Which I think is the only safe way to get the desired results of a sweet newborn holding up her head.


5 Days New | Cornelius Portrait Photographer

Baby Boy A was a joy to photograph. He did want to snack through the whole session. He must be growing! Baby A will be well cared for with an older brother and sister to lookout for him. Congratulations to his Mom and Dad you have a beautiful son. I love the buckeye hat mom had custom made for him. And grandma’s hand made baby cocoon was perfect for our newborn session.

9 month old baby boy J showing off 2nd New Tie

Took more portraits of our baby J. He loves playing in my new tie props. Thanks again to Lori from Two L Creations for the new ties. It is so much fun to photograph my baby in all the new stuff first. He is at such a great age to get those genuine smiles.


Newborn Baby Poser

I am super excited I received our Newborn Baby Poser today! I can’t wait to try it out on a Newbie. Don’t forget if you want the cute, sweet sleepy baby portraits done of your new arrival they are best achieved before 2 weeks of age. If you are expecting be sure to make your appointment ahead of time. We can always modify your appointment date if your little has a mind of their own.